10 Times Cats Brought Their Owners Some Unusual "Gifts"

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Our cats will never fail to surprise us. While cats tend to get a bad rap for being "aloof" and "too independent," cat owners know this stereotype to be largely untrue. Cats are loving, affectionate creatures - they just communicate differently than humans do. One way they show their affection for their humans is, surprisingly, gift-giving!

Cats may bring their humans gifts for many different reasons, but one main theory is that our cats view us humans as really big cats who are really bad hunters. So they bring us their "prey" to make sure we eat enough food!

But sometimes cats get a little confused as to what "food" is ... but their heart is sure in the right place. Here are 10 kitties who brought their owners some rather unusual gifts! 


1. Cat returns with sausage stolen from a neighbor's BBQ. Now you just need to train him to get the condiments ...

Via Reddit 

2. "This is Mr. Slash - a flower-hunting adventure master. He brings me flowers every night. He's not hurting the garden, by the way."

via thoughts-of-an-x-factor, Tumblr.


If your cat has a very high prey drive and brings home mice and other small creatures as "presents", a great way to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts is to redirect that strong prey drive with toys. If your cat seems to enjoy stalking birds, wand and feather toys are a great solution.

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3. Milo won't stop bringing home sponges.

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4. "My wife and I started feeding a stay cat. He likes to bring us presents, normally it's a dead mouse, or a chicken bone, etc. Today he showed up with this, no idea where he got it.

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5. This kitty brought his owner a mouse complete with green garnish!

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6. A master huntsman presents his prize!



7. "Some cats bring their humans birds and mice...Oliver brings me teabags."

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8. "My cat found an unattended cracker and brought it to me so I could hold it for her while she eats it."


9. "My cat took this mitten out of the drawer, and brought it to me as a gift!"

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10. "It took a couple of months of me rejecting her "gifts" (small dead animals) for her to start bringing me leaves."


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  • Sandra Longoria

    A black mommy cat in our neighborhood kept having kittens. I’ve lost count of how many we took into our home to take care of. One day Blackie (her name for obvious reasons), brought a dead rabbit she had killed, and laid it at my husband’s feet. Sat down and kept looking up into my husband’s face. He “thanked” her profusely and brought it into the house to be “taken care of” later. The next day she did it again. Buddy went through the whole act again. Not too long after that we brought her into our house along with one of her last kittens, Sugar. Who lies beside me, on my bed, as I write this. I’m mostly bedridden now so he spends a lot of time with me.
    Blackie lived out her life with us. She died under my bed where she felt safe.

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