12 Times Cats Were the Absolute Masters of Camouflage February 10 2021, 4 Comments



1. Meow you see me, meow you don't.

 u/DiscoCow999 / Via reddit.com


2. This black cat, who pretended to be his friend's shadow:

u/code_dark_code / Via reddit.com


3. This cat who has stealth ingrained in him:

u/MrMcMeMe, via reddit.com


4. This carpet kitty:

u/JimFancyPants via reddit.com


5. This marbled moggy who says, please don't step on me!

u/NooaJ via reddit.com


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6. This shadow with eyes:


7. This towel that's a bit scratchy:

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8. This tiny Void cat that made it look like the chair was broken:

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9. This very fluffy cat on a very realistic faux fur rug:

u/KahlaPaints / Via reddit.com


10. This cat who wanted to see what "sawing logs" meant.


11. This cat, who is clearly melting:

u/AhmedElsisy / Via reddit.com


12. There are two cats in this picture.

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