10 Shirts You Need if Cats are Your True Spirit Animal January 05 2018, 5 Comments

Featuring photos modeled by our amazing Meowingtons fans!

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1. Caturday T-Shirt

When you have a cat (or two or five), every day is Caturday! So why not celebrate?

Via @j.middleton Instagram


2. Persian Cat Sweater

The best time to wear a Persian cat sweater is all the time. 

Via @veganviolin, Instagram


3. Meow Crop Top

She's here to pet cats and drink coffee.  And it looks like she's all out of coffee.  

Via @boedsquared, Instagram


4.  Shit Together Racerback Tank Top

Pobody's nerfect, but at least you're trying to get it together, man. ( Psst - this design is now available on a unisex t-shirt! )

Via @jenndimaria, Instagram


5. Catcus T-Shirt

This mischievous and prickly cactus kitty gives off a “Can’t Touch This” vibe. 


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6. Bosi Cat Overalls

We'll never be over this overall dress. 

Via @essynoir, Instagram


7. Cat Hair Don't Care Tee

This one is pretty self-explanatory. And pretty true. 


Via @kateofny Instagram


8. Catsuit Bodysuit

Show off your silhouette and embrace your crazy cat lady side in one amazing bodysuit!

Via @kelsobg, Instagram


9. Feline Meow Crop Top

Only designer cats wear this shirt ... Aristocats, you could say. 

Via @mandie_watson_ Instagram


10. CATSA Space T-Shirt

Boldly go where no cat has gone before - and look really, really cute while doing so. 

Via @stephiss95, Instagram




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