12 Cat Photos Snapped Seconds Before Disaster July 01 2021, 2 Comments



1. Entitled, "Watch Your Step."

Watch Out!" 35 Photos Taken Just Before Disaster | Daquan.TV


2. You can almost hear what's going to happen next.

Russell Scott⭐ on Twitter: "that split second before disaster💥 #pets  #pranks #funny #cat #F4… "

3. Taken just before the pain begins (just a love bite, human!)

Reddit | Kurpool

4. You can't escape the BatMan:

5. Swing low, sweet chariot...

6. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat ... 

7. The last thing you see before you die...

Cat jumping toward camera : pics

8. Okay, whose idea was it to reverse gravity?!

9. The pounce heard 'round the world.

10. "I swear to god I'll do it, Sharon."

11. When someone is eating the leftovers you've been dreaming about all day:

12. Ok, so this isn't so much a "moment before disaster" as a "perfectly timed photo I couldn't resist adding to this list."