Catios (Cat Patios) You Have to See to Believe April 18 2018, 4 Comments

Whether you have an outdoor cat or an indoor cat, a catio (cat patio) can be a wonderful way to give your cat a taste of the outdoors - and the best part is it is safe!

Even if your cat has never set paw outside, part of them will always be wild. Cats are driven by natural instincts and urges, and thousands of years of domestication haven't done away with these natural instincts. The same goes for humans! Giving your cat some outdoor time can give your cats a chance to express these wild instincts.

The issue is that cats with access to the outdoors are put at risk of disease, parasites, predators, busy streets, and much more. But there's a solution: catios! Catios are patios for your cats, essentially outdoor enclosures (of all shapes, sizes, and designs) that give your cat a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. 

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Like cats are curious, humans are notoriously creative. We've collected some of the coolest catios we could find to help inspire your catio projects.  

When it comes to catios, there aren't any rules. You're the designer, so the options are almost endless when it comes to giving your cat the safest outdoor adventure you can give them! 


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If you have a sliding glass door that opens on to a catio, an easy-install pet door allows your cat to come and go as they please! The door easily adjusts to fit in with your existing sliding glass door. 

Catios come in all shapes and sizes, from window enclosures ...

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To something a bit more complex. 

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Catio windows are great for cat lovers who are limited on space but still want to give their cats a taste of the outdoors. 

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Catios don't have to be giant, sprawling estates for your cat to enjoy them.

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A window box catio will still give your cat access to fresh air and a chance to watch the birds and listen to the sounds of nature. 


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There's even a mobile option for those cat lovers who have a bit of wanderlust, like this Airstream with a catio in the caboose! 

A cat tree is an excellent way to give your cat a whole new perspective on the world! 
Some catios are so complex they even have "wings," becoming something of a cat mansion!

For the cat rescuers out there who have a true clowder of cats on their hands, catios can be a wonderful way to safely exercise your herd of cats!  


In the end, it all depends on space, and budget - and what your cat will enjoy. 

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And you too - if you have the space for a chaise designated for catnaps! 

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