10 "Ingenious" Life Hacks for Cat Parents

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 Milton the Cat Daily Comic

Got cats? Here are 10 ways to "hack" cat parent life from experienced cat parents. 

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 1. Set a cat trap:

2. Instead of using bug spray or a fly swatter to exterminate a bug, use the cat!

3. Need to get in shape? Buy your litter in bulk! 


4. They can't scratch what isn't there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ !

5. Who needs an alarm clock? Just set your cat's feeding time to early in the morning and they'll get you up.


6. Tired of cats spilling water everywhere? Make sure the bowl NEVER MOVES!

7. Can't get your cats to come out from hiding? Crinkle the treat bag! #LifeHack

8. A guaranteed way to get kitty cuddles:



9. Can't find your phone, or the TV remote? Check under the nearest cat #LifeHack


10. And the ultimate #LifeHack, especially when you're having a bad day:



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    Love your cartons!

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