Cat Comics That Purrfectly Illustrate 'Cat Logic'


Why do cats do the things they do?  Why do they insist on shoving their butts in our faces? Why do they insist on knocking particularly breakable objects off high surfaces? We have our theories, of course, but the truth of the matter is we humans will never really know for certain. But after 22 years of cat-owning and comic drawing, artist Scott Metzger seems to have some pretty good insights into what's going on in the minds of our feline friends. 

With an artistic career spanning 22 years, Metzger's had a lot of time to cover the intricacies of "Cat Logic" and what it's like to live with cats. Scott is the proud owner of two rescue cats: Hannah (13 years old) and Max (7 years old).

The artist told BoredPanda that he's been creating these comics for so long, mainly because he enjoys making people laugh. "It's a great feeling when a comic connects with people or if someone says they laughed out loud at a cartoon," he added. "A couple weeks ago, a woman emailed saying that she battles depression and my comics have made her laugh and feel better. That made my day."

Scroll down to take a look at some of the highlights of the artists' collection of cat comics! 


Scott Metzger














Which comic was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 


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  • ddcountry
    “Knocking over some drinks”. All cat lovers can relate to this.

  • Katheryn Young

    I think #1 was certainly my favorite, but everyone is RIGHT on, made me 😃, laugh and just feel all my six rescued cats lives! LOVE your artworks and reactions on faces!😊 Adorable!😊 THANKS !😊

  • Ralph Lyda

    I don’t drink, but the total funniest was #7: “knocking down some drinks.”

  • nelina seymour

    number 5 with the cat caught between the couch and the end table made me laugh out loud!!!!

  • Ann

    I’m apparently lucky: My cats don’t sleep on the keyboard like the one in #6. On the other hand, Fritz will paw (or claw) at my legs if he thinks I’ve been working too long and need to pay him some attention.

    I remember “My Cat From Hell.” I like the gray cat with the tattoos as a stand-in for Jackson Galaxy.

    Number 13 made me snicker. The Siamese mix we had when I was growing up used to pull the tree down and otherwise make a mess. His successors satisfied themselves with soccer games in which they’d bat around some ornaments. They smashed some balls but left the tree standing.

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