Cat Blocking Commuters Proves That Cats Just Don't Care

A cat in Taksim, Istanbul, has proven once and for all that cats just do not care. In true cat fashion, this chill feline is content to block a busy subway exit. You've got places to be and people to see? Kitty don't care. Kitty has toe beans to keep warm. Go around!



Cats don't even care about other cats. 


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One owner went to extremes to test if his cat, Sparta, truly cared if he lived or died. (Spoiler alert: He didn't.)  But that didn't stop him from dramatically faking his own death. 



Dog lovers, you might think these videos are incontrovertible proof that dogs are better than cats. But us cat owners know the truth. It's all a facade. Sure, cats put up a good front. They can act indifferent all they want. But we cat owners know that our cats love us. It's just buried deep, deep, deep inside their furry little egos.


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