"Cashnip Kitty" collects money for homeless by snatching from passers-by

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A rescue cat has been using sleight-of-paw skills to collect money for the homeless in Oklahoma. 





cashnip kitty rescue cat helps homeless

Sir Whines a Lot is a former street cat that is giving back to the very streets he came from. The long-haired tabby now calls the offices of GuRuStu, a local marketing firm, home.

A mystery arose not too long after Sir Whines a Lot made himself at home in the office: Money started appearing on the floor just inside the business' glass doors.

Stuart McDaniel, Sir Whines a Lot's owner, was stumped when he received a call from his father. "I get a call from my dad saying, 'Why is there money on the floor at the office? There's at least $5 on the floor near the glass, where you can slip it through." 

McDaniel's family came up with a theory: some cat in their office had a serious case of sticky paws. It was none other than Sir Whines a Lot, caught red-pawed!

This literal cat burglar spends his days "teasing" folks who passed by his window, chasing after them and enticing them to play. McDaniel's theorizes that the first person to slip a dollar through the door didn't intend to lose their money, but just to play with the friendly feline. 



This felonious feline with a heart of gold was quickly given the moniker "Cashnip Kitty," though he is also known as the "3rd Street Window Kitty". 

According to McDaniels, GuRuStu is a family-owned company. And as a family-run business, they made a decision as a family: "My mom and sister [and I], we figured if people are doing it already we might as well apply to something good in the community." And that's exactly what they did. All of the cash that Cashnip Kitty nabs through the door is donated to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.


Cashnip Kitty now has his own Facebook page where his fans can keep track of his daily hauls and see what this devious little feline gets up to on a daily basis. 



Sir Whines a Lot rakes in about $30 to $40 per weekend, McDaniel said. So far, McDaniel has sent two checks totaling over $100 to the Tulsa Day Center. 



According to ABC news, the GuRuStu staff is impressed with Cashnip Kitty's approach to philanthropy.  

"I've heard of a lot of unique ways people are raising money for us, but this is a first for me and I absolutely love it," said Monica Martin, director of development at the center. "The cat seems to be loving the attention and it has been benefiting and blessing us in the process."



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  • Cat Tavani MD

    I’d have loved this story more if the cash benefitted the homeless cats, which is how Sir Whines got started!

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