15 Cardboard Cat Fortresses To Inspire Your Next DIY Project


With tons of time to spend at home and tons of boxes thanks to an increase in grocery deliveries and the like because of quarantine, many cat owners have turned to up-cycling their excess cardboard boxes ... by turning them into veritable Cat Castles! From high turreted castles complete with operation drawbridges to more minimalist construction forts, the imagination of these bored cat owners seems limitless. And it provides their favorite felines with a fun, exciting way to get some exercise and mental stimulation and keeps cats entertained during quarantine. Cats and cardboard boxes - you just can't go wrong. 


1. This meow-gnificent mansion:


2. This leonine homage:


3. This tower, complete with gabled roofs and even a couple of mice-sized gibbets!

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4. This adorable cat chateau.


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5. This purrfect pagoda:


6. This impurrvious duct taped fortress:

7. This tricky tree:


8. This Barbie dream house:

9. This fairy tale fortress:


10. This CAThedral:

11. This drawbridge castle that's just missing a moat:

12. This pristine and perfectly cut-out two story home:


13. This "seekrit" club house:


14. This aptly-named fort:


15. And this adorable kitty cafe:


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  • Kate

    I love it! Do you have any instructions? I presume the cats mainly move around internally. Do you reinforce flooring with extra cardboard?

  • Jeffrey

    Love it love it love it! What did you use to stick the boxes together with? Also can you provide some kind of design plan that people can follow? Thanks! :-)💝💝💝

  • Donna

    Wow I have never seen anything like this before but I love them so clever who gets the credit for all of them. Very talented. You need to come up with how to books you can make a lot of money!

  • Peter

    It all looks so cool

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