C-AT Work: Candid Photos Capture Cats Hard At Work

Marian Zampieri is an Italian photographer - or as she prefers, a "catopgrapher." Her projects focus on the nature and beauty of all things feline. We've featured her fantastic feline photo projects previously, including her wonderful and poignant series of wedding photos featuring the happy couple's cats. And now, Zampieri's newest feline-focused project is the purr-fectly named "C-AT Work." This series shows candid photos of cats and people peacefully sharing a workspace, highlighting the bonds formed between them.

Zampieri's goal, she says, “is always to try to capture the beauty of a relationship between cats and people."  These stunning black and white photos capture cats doing their cat thing amongst the workplace surroundings of salons, recording studios and even a library.  Zampieri aims to "demonstrate the great dignity and the incredible adaptability of these animals in any situation.” 

In addition to the C-AT Work series, Zampieri still photographs private wedding shoots with newlyweds and their cats. She also has a new book, Cats in Venice, that follows in the paw steps of the cats that call Venice home. 

These photos hit close to home here at Meowingtons, as we foster cats from our office! And we can say that our office has been made much brighter and more lively thanks to these amazing felines. 

Zampieri chronicles the lives of cats living and working alongside humans.  

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From salons ... 

To stalking the shelves at the library ... 

To helping scratch some records at the recording studio ... 


To minding the till at the local consignment shop, these cats are some of the most dedicated catployees we've seen. 


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