50 Purrfect Names For Calico Cats


From their mosaic fur coats of orange, black, and white, to their association with good luck, it’s safe to say that calico cats are one of the most colorful cats to share your home with. And if you’re welcoming a new calico cat into your family and home--congratulations on your new best friend! Now it’s time to give your newest furry family member a name.

Photo: lillycrazyeyes

Because the vast majority of calico cats are female (only 1 in every 3,000 calicos are male), the names we’ve selected lean that way. But we’ve also included names for the rare male calico and names that can be used for both male or female! And coming soon ... names for all those torties with tortitude out there! 

  1. Amber
  2. Amaretto
  3. Autumn
  4. Butterscotch
  5. Butters
  6. Callie
  7. Calypso
  8. Camo
  9. Casanova
  10. Chili

  11. Cannoli
  12. Clementine
  13. Cleopatra
  14. Confetti
  15. Cheddar
  16. Chowder
  17. Fall
  18. Felicity
  19. Felix
  20. Ginger

  21. Gizmo
  22. Honey
  23. Harmony
  24. Julius
  25. Maple
  26. Monet
  27. Matisse
  28. Monarch
  29. Mosaic
  30. Motley

  31. Mozart
  32. Myriad
  33. Nutmeg
  34. October
  35. Oriole
  36. Oscar
  37. Patches
  38. Peaches
  39. Penelope

  40. Penny
  41. Picasso
  42. Pixel
  43. Priscilla
  44. Pumpkin
  45. Reese
  46. September
  47. Sherbet
  48. Snickers
  49. Saffron
  50. Toulouse

Do you have a calico at home? Let us know their name in the comments below! 


  • Tory

    I have a dilute calico who is the sweetest, goofiest, sassiest cat i know whom I named Zoey (with many nicknames of Zo, zozo, Zocat,Zoey Cat, zo girl, mumma and buhbuh to name a few). Love her to death! She keeps life interesting 😁

  • Isabelle and Marie's Pets

    Our Boston Terrier is Alex, our black and tan Shiba is Shadow, and our Calico cat’s is Lucy!

  • Maureen

    My perfect calico was Sophia-Anne, the smartest pussycat in any universe! She was adept at opening cabinet doors, so I had to install baby proof locks! We would have lengthy conversations, in which each was unsure what the other was saying, but which pleased us anyway. She passed away last February, and I miss her so much. Calico pussycats are very clever and are the best pussycats.

  • Gretha Lindwood

    Our calico was Chacha, her black sister was Tango. They made such a beautiful pair together. Rescued littermates.

  • William

    I’ve had two calicos cats in my life so far and I’ve named them both Callie as I prefer Callie to any other name got them both from family members that had kittens originally the first one was called little Callie cause the person had an older Callie and then mine I got so I shortened it and my second one the other person I got it from originally called it Corona but I didn’t like it being named after the virus so I changed it to Callie cause that’s the name I prefer for my Calicos

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