12 Boyfriends That Didn't Want a Cat ... Until They Got One



1. This guy, who looks like he has no regrets:



2. And this boyfriend, who doesn't follow his own rules:


3. And this guy, who clearly won over their new kitty's heart:

u/itsmescarlett / Via reddit.com


4. This considerate boyfriend:

u/Stuvs / Via reddit.com


5.  And this boyfriend, who compromised:

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6. Or this BF, who was caught red-handed:


7. Or this reluctant boyfriend, who now carries the cat around like a baby:

Via Reddit


8. And this boyfriend, who is having just as much (if not more) fun than the cat:





9. And this boyfriend who found a new significant snuggler:

u/nintendosixtyfooour / Via reddit.com


10. And this boyfriend, who is clearly full of it:

Via Reddit


11. And this BF, who's cat clearly has other plans:

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12. And finally, this boyfriend who knows how to spoil a kitty:

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  • graspee leemoor

    I recognise on the face of these boyfriends the smile my cat gives me.

  • Natalie Haberman

    This made me so happy..I am smiling so much it hurts.

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