Bored? Scroll Through These Hilarious Pics of Cats Distorted by Glass


In need of a good laugh today? We're here to provide you with a good chuckle, or at the very least, these cats will get you to crack a smile. We dare you not to grin even a little at these wonky photos the Internet has provided of cats (in all their adorable glory) looking completely and utterly goofy thanks to a bit of glass, liquid and refraction. Will cats never cease to entertain us? 


1. Through the Looking Glass ...


2. 🎶 Fat cat with a little head 🎶



3. Do you ever feel like you're being watched?



4. It's Elementary, my dear Watson! 


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5. Why the long face? 

6. The purrfect perspective. 


7. How can you not smile when this face is looking back at you?


8. Or this adorable visage?


9. Who would've thought that even without a clearly boopable snoot, cats would be this adorable?


10. And this kitter, who seems to realize his own transformation:


11. And last, but certainly not least, this curious cat:

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  • Pamela Schantz

    I was just sad, now I’m so happy!! Their all so adorable..🤗😍❤

  • Ryan

    I love your cat photos!

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