Blind Cat 'Nado' Saved From Texas Animal Shelter Destroyed by Tornado



When a tornado hit Texas last week it not only damaged dozens of homes and ripped the roofs off two schools, it also destroyed the Jacksboro Animal Shelter.

The shelter suffered a direct hit from the tornado, and photos shared by Tall Tails Rescue and Transport,  a local nonprofit rescue organization show the wreckage. 

Thankfully, the animals housed in the shelter have all been accounted for and only suffered minor injuries from the tornados destruction. 

One surprisingly determined survivor is a blind cat, now affectionately named "Nado" by his rescuer.

Found alone and frightened in the wreckage, buried under rubble and covered in mud and debris, Nado's rescuer said the cat was frightened but was in good health overall.  Thankfully for Nado, his rescuer took him home, cleaned him up, and is now nursing him back to health. 



The community has come together to help these shelter animals that were already in need, and even in need even more-so after the destruction.

The other dogs and cats housed in the Jacksboro Animal Shelter have been placed in various local shelters, foster homes or the Live Oak veterinary clinic after being rescued and transported by Tall Tails Rescue and Transport.



  • Janet Ginepro

    Thankful this kitty is safe now.

  • Wendy Emms


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