10 Black Cats To Bring You Luck This Black Friday

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While black cats come with lots of negative associations in the United States, did you know that in many cultures, black cats are actually considered good omens? Some cultures believed that having a black cat on board a ship was a blessing for safe passage, and in the English Midlands, giving a bride the gift of a black cat on her wedding day would bring her good luck!

So we've gathered the cutest black cats we could find to bring you good luck this Black Friday, which is fast approaching!  Black Friday is notoriously a day that requires a bit of research and a lot of luck to find the best deals before they're gone. 

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1. How can something this cute be bad luck?



2. The answer? It can't be!  


3. Look at this graceful creature. Seriously, black cats are magical. 


4. This black kitty is excited for the holidays!




5. Just listen to her tiny little squeaks and peeps, blessing you with good luck! 

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6.  And this inky feline, who's keeping his peepers peeled for those Black Furr-iday deals.

Photo: Reddit

7. How about a kitty sneeze to bless your day?


8. World's smallest man in 1956, Henry Behrens, dancing with his black cat! 


9.  This Le Chat Noir knows he's king of the couch. 

Photo: Instagram - Let Chat Toss Pillow can be found here


10. And this kitten, who's dreaming of all the tasty treats she's going to get this Christmas! 


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