13 Adorable Black Cats In Honor of Friday the 13th

If you're superstitious or even just a little stitious, you probably know by now that black cats are a bit like Taylor Swift: they've got a reputation. And unfortunately for black cats, that reputation often precedes them - as undeserved as it may be. As the old saying goes, "It's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path!" And on Friday the 13th, the hype around black cats and their not-so-sterling reputation only intensifies. 

With millions of cats in the U.S., many of them black-furred, we think it’s about time for this silly superstition to skedaddle. In fact, in many cultures, black cats are actually considered good omens, whether it be blessing a ship for safe passage or bringing good luck to a bride on her wedding day. So this Friday the 13th, let’s celebrate our inkiest of felines looking completely adorable. 

1. Avo-CAT-o (alternatively, avogato!)

Photo: Willowthesquishycat


2. Look at this graceful creature.  


3. This guy would make the purrfect pet for a James Bond villain. And he changes colors in the sun!  

Photo: Wesley_the_pirate_cat


4. Listen to her tiny little squeaks and peeps! 

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5. Part squid, part cat, all cute! 

Photo: Chicagoblackcat


 UPDATE: Winner of our Friday the 13th Black Cats contest is at the top of this post! 

6. This mini house panther is demonstrating the importance of toof care.  

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7. World's smallest man in 1956, Henry Behrens, dancing with his black cat! 

8. Nathan is basically a purrmaid - and full of the spirit of adventure! 

Water Aerobics

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9.  To be or not to be? Cat is the question. 

10. Black metal kitty listens only to Mewtallica. 

Photo: tale_of_two_polys


11. How can something this cute be bad luck? Simple: It can't be!


12.  This Le Chat Noir knows he's king of the couch. 

Photo: Instagram

13.  And last but not least a kitty sneeze to bless your day. 



Time for a contest! Tag us in a photo of your black cat and follow us on social media to be entered to win a very special prize!  

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