The Best “I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments That Have Been Captured on Camera January 21 2019, 5 Comments

Cats have a knack for showing up when - and where - they're least expected. In fact, they often end up where they're not supposed to be. Don't mind that strange noise downstairs you thought was an intruder. Or those phantom paw prints left on your sofa. It's just a cat! Don't have a cat, you say? Now you do.

Here are some of the best "I Don't Own a Cat" moments that we could find! 

1. "Fresh towels, ma'am?"

2. Tutor Cat is here to make sure you don't slack off. 

3. He will accept payment in pets. Tuna is also appreciated.

4. When the word gets out that you buy the Premium cat food ... 

 5. "I don't own a cat." Congratulations! Now you do! 

6. "Day 3, and the humans don't suspect a thi- ... Oh. Hello." 


8. You have been chosen. For you do not choose the cat ... the cat chooses you. 

9. This is what you get for not leaving the dishes to "soak" overnight.

10. Yep. This is definitely how you get a cat.

11. This, on the other hand, is how you get partial custody of a cat. (Note the collar.) 

12. A cabinet-opening cat is better than a cabinet-opening ghost, though. 

13. Sure, just make yourself right at home! 

14. I think this guy is witness to an interspecies love affair.

15. The ol' Cardboard Box trick. Never fails! 

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16. ... Surprise?