Back At Work? Here Are 10 Business Cats To Keep You Motivated

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Today marks the tentative ending of quarantine - and with it, many people are going back to work. Whether it's heading back to the office, a retail store, restaurant, or bar, a lot of us who were not essential workers will be leaving our furbabies behind after many weeks or months together, 24/7. This sudden change in routine can make it difficult to go back to work and stay motivated, especially if you've gotten used to working from home with your kitties to keep you company! 

So we've gathered a few true "purr-fessionals" to help get you motivated. These business cats are dressed in their suits and ties, ready to take 3-hour lunch naps and walk all over their coworker's keyboards as they're using them. 

1. "Boss, I need a raise. My wife had 8 children yesterday."



2. "I have no idea what I'm doing." 


3. "Clear my afternoon, Carol. I need to catch the Red Dot."


4. "No, no. We need to think INSIDE the cardboard box. That's where I get all my best ideas!"


5. "I need you to get the ball rolling ... so I can chase it down the hall." 

Photo via WanderinVoyager, Twitter


5. "You'll notice on my resume that I've caught the Red Dot."


6. "Workin' hard or hardly workin', eh, Simba?"


7. "Janet, please put all the reports on my desk by 2 so I can knock them onto the floor."

Photo via WanderinVoyager, Twitter


8. "Oh, the new printers were delivered? If anyone needs me, I'll be in one of the boxes they came in."


9. "I need mew to stay late tonight. We have to catch that Red Dot!"



10. "What a busy day! Only logged 15 hours of sleep."

Via Moochka 


While some cats will be relieved to have their house to themselves for a change, others will miss us until we get home. Here are a few things that might help them get over the separation! 

Keep them entertained by putting their favorite bed or perch near a window, so they can watch the birds and squirrels - kitty TV! This will keep them entertained for hours while you're back at work. Interactive and automated laser toys are a great way to provide your cat with exercise and entertainment while you're not there, too. 



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