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Why Australia Plans to Kill Millions of Feral Cats May 02 2019, 81 Comments



In a controversial move to preserve native fauna, the Australian government is using poisoned sausages to kill 2 million feral cats by 2020. The plan to “cull” 2 million feral cats was set into motion in 2015, and has faced much controversy and criticism. Most recently, the government has settled on sausages stuffed with a potent poison containing the active ingredient sodium fluoroacetate, known as “1080.” The sausages are made of a blend of kangaroo meat, chicken, and other spices designed to appeal to feral cats.

Marked as "invasive predators," feral cats in the wilds of Australia kill hundreds of millions of native birds, mammals, and reptiles each year. Cats arrived with European settlers in the 1700s and are thus classified as an invasive species, one that has apparently been wreaking havoc on native wildlife.


According to the New York Times, feral cat overpopulation has already led to the extinction of many native species; 34 mammal species found only in Australia have vanished. The Times wrote that cats are thought to be directly responsible for 22 of those extinctions.

While these numbers are certainly devastating, there are Australian scientists who question the basis of targeting 2 million feral cats. The scientists, in part, say the government had not given a clear metric or scientific reason for that number.

They had failed to indicate how, or whether, the cull would actually impact the feral cat population - as feral cats reproduce at very rapid rates. They also did not necessarily state how and whether the culling of 2 million feral cats would actually increase the populations of endangered species. Estimates of the number of feral cats actually living in Australia vary widely.

The researchers published a paper in the journal Conservation Letters, in which they questioned the 2 million target:

“The focus on killing cats runs the risk of distracting attention away from other threats to biodiversity, most prominent of which is widespread, ongoing habitat loss, which has been largely overlooked in the Threatened Species Strategy.”  While feral cats are a big issue, according to CNN, the government has focused heavily on them over more “politically sensitive” issues like habitat loss caused by urban expansion, logging, and mining.

The researchers continued in their published paper:  "The culling target [of 2 million] is a highly visible symbol of a broader campaign around feral cat research and management in Australia, rather than a direct indicator of conservation action and success. We are concerned that progress toward the 2 million target could be misinterpreted as progress toward conserving threatened species when the link between the two is not clear.”

Similarly, Kelly O’Shanassy, chief executive of the Australian Conservation Foundation, called the program "commendable;" however, she also states it fails to address habitat loss, which is an even greater threat to vulnerable species.

"The strategy … fails to meaningfully address the biggest threat to threatened species and ecological communities — the loss and fragmentation of habitat — either through investment in new protected areas or by safeguarding existing critical places," she told The Guardian.

This plan to cull cats not only in the hundreds of thousands, but in the millions, is why programs like Trap, Netuer, Release are important to stopping feral cat overpopulation over time. TNR programs reduce the number of feral kittens being born and work to prevent overpopulation.

What is TNR?

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a proven humane method to spay or neuter unaltered feral cats by safely trapping them, then returning them to the location where they were picked up.

  1. Trap: All feral cats in a colony, or as many as possible, are humanely trapped.
  2. Neuter: The trapped cats are taken to an animal or veterinary clinic to be spayed or neutered, receive vaccinations, and are sometimes marked by eartipping to let people know that the cat has been through the TNR process.
  3. Return: Healthy adult feral cats are returned to their outdoor homes, where their lives are greatly improved without the strains of mating behaviors (aggression, fighting) and pregnancy. Stray cats and kittens that are socialized to humans are adopted into homes.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 


Andra on January 16 2020 at 12:01PM

It’s amazing to me that feral cats even like the bush, given the eucalyptus trees and phenols in them which are toxic to cats.

I believe that invasive species should be dealt with severely. They must be or they take over. Cats are not in any way endangered so any humane way to cull them would be needed. It’s sad, but then again, many duties in life are sad. Unfortunately it will never end due to irresponsible humans and accidents where the cats get outside.

Where I live, we don’t have a feral anything population because the coyotes take care of it completely. We really don’t have too many packs of them either, but they are very good hunters. I have never seen a stray cat or dog here in 13 years with the exception of one Pitbull which I rescued. I live near huge fields and untouched land in Albuquerque, NM. in the “middle of the edge” of town, so cats and stray dogs would be around but aren’t. Stray animals just don’t last long here. It’s very dry and brutally freezing in the winter, too.

Coyotes have not been a problem to the city, and hunt all cats, dogs and small to medium pets. You rarely see them during the day. People who want to keep their animals safe must be diligent about it and keep them inside, etc.

DAN LUBNIEWSKI on June 04 2019 at 12:08AM

Caroline – I understanding what you are saying and I understand now why you do not have any compassion. It does not seem to bother you that they want to poison the cats and let them die a horrible death. You never once mentioned you would like to see Australia kill the cats humanely and I think that is because of the hatred you have in your heart for the feral cats. Your bitterness towards them is so strong you don’t even seem to care if they are poisoned and die a slow horrible death – Shame on you for not caring.

Cheryl Collins on June 03 2019 at 08:55PM

That is a horribly barbaric solution. It is people who have caused these poor animals to live a life of solitude and the struggle to survive. We are supposed to help them not give them a Cruel and painful death. What kind of mind can live with itself. Instead of killing and then the population increases again then kill again. Why not come up with a Humane solution instead of just causing Suffering and bandaiding the situation. They need to survive as well they have a right to live. Have some COMPASSION PLEASE.

Emory Lim on June 01 2019 at 10:11PM

They are saying that animals that are infected w/ the bacteria suffer but imagine how painful it would be to die from poisoning. It’s not fair that the cats natural habit is causing them to die bc people don’t understand. What if humans had to die for slaughtering millions of animals and eating them, or how humans are killing endangered species by destroying their homes. Australia’s government should be embarrassed and shameful.

Caroline on June 01 2019 at 09:40PM

This is a horribly misleading post to readers who clearly have zero understanding of Australia’s wildlife crisis.

I work with and rescue native wildlife in Australia. The situations I see on a daily basis of what feral cats do to tiny, cute, defenseless & critically endangered marsupials used to make me want to vomit when I first saw them.

Wildlife KILLED by cats are the lucky ones. Cats – including housecats – carry bacteria in their mouths that Australian native animals cannot tolerate. Even if a cat bites them and they escape, the animal will still die a slow, painful death from infection without antibiotics. If it’s female and marsupial – which most of our cute cuddly mammals are – her babies will then die of starvation and cold in her pouch several days later – if the body isn’t eaten by a predator first.

Lookup pictures of the feathertail glider, the greater glider, the bilby, the bandicoot, the leadbeaters possum, the quokka, the pademelon, the quoll – amazing and unique animals that only exist in Australia. Do they deserve to die? To have their species completely wiped off the face of the earth? Because you can’t have both – it’s introduced feral species OR native wildlife.

Australia has the second highest mammal extinction rate in the world, at the current rate even our well known species like the koala and platypus will be gone by the end of the century (those two more due to habitat destruction, but it shows how serious the situation is in Australia). Many of the cute, cuddly creatures feral cats kill every day are more endangered than elephants and tigers.

Feral cats in Australia are nothing like cute house cats. They are well honed killing machines, they can grow to be enormous on a daily diet of wildlife and Australia has areas that are so remote they will never see a human being. They are terrifying to even approach when in a cage, they are completely wild animals and they would make mince meat of any housecat.

I have pet indoor cats I love dearly. But there’s no shortage of cats in the world and the idea of sparing introduced cats at the expense of Australia’s native and critically endangered species is insane. What next? Save all the rats, they’re ‘god’s creatures’ too? Trap neuter and release programs for rabbits?

Jami Pillow on June 01 2019 at 09:16PM

So cruel and unfair to murder these cats who are there at the fault of humans! Absolutely unnecessary too! Implement TNR! It absolutely works!

Cheryl Zarbaugh on June 01 2019 at 08:58PM

The problem here, as usual, isn’t the cats! It’s the humans and my solution is to cull the human population! Let’s get rid of a few million and that might solve a lot of our problems. Not exactly sure how to carry this out but maybe for starters we could empty the prisons of murderers and lifers. Then maybe a lottery?

Brigitte Bouhours on June 01 2019 at 08:55PM

We cannot deny that feral cats, like other feral animals (pigs, goats, horses), are a big problem in Australia. They are also an easy target and a scapegoat for a government that value economic growth and development above all else. The current government does not address the consequences of land clearing, mining, pollution with the resulting large scale loss of habitat; they target feral cats instead of regulating their corporate mates’ activities.

Eileen on June 01 2019 at 08:38PM

I think that is despicable. Poison is a very, very cruel form of MURDER. What is wrong with Trap, neuter, release. Not just murder.

Rachel Keyte on June 01 2019 at 08:36PM

As an Australian, I am sickened at this, as are many of us. Our current government is a cruel, heartless mob and will do anything to look like they’re doing something (other than actually address issues that need addressing, such as environment, fairness for the disadvantaged etc). I wish your article was titled “Australian Government” rather than “Australians”. The majority of people here do not want this to happen.

Apart from being completely inhumane, it ignores the fact that cats will not be the only species to suffer and die horrible deaths from this. It could end up killing some of the species they are professing to try and protect.

Please don’t tar all Aussies with the brush that our disgusting government presents :’(

Linda Sioui on June 01 2019 at 08:11PM

A Trap-neuter-and release program would work way better.

Karen Ham on June 01 2019 at 07:49PM

The absolute gaul of your Country to kill all of those cats which are creatures of God’s, not yours.

God will judge you if you do this.

If you continue to do this horrific act of murder, God will respond.
You are not God!

Gizmo on June 01 2019 at 07:40PM

The sausages contain a poison that is only poisonous to non-native Australian species, as the NY Times article points out.

The areas where the feral cats live are remote, mountainous regions. TNR is not going to work for the number of cats. The native animals are endangered. Quokkas. Quolls. Their predator is the feral cat. Their numbers have dwindled significantly since Australia was colonised by the British and their cats!

I am a cat lover and an animal lover. But it’s important to get your head around biodiversity and the preservation of native species.

I love your blog, but this was an irresponsible post to make without all the information.

Debra Skinner on June 01 2019 at 07:05PM

This is one of the most horrible ideas I’ve ever heard of!! I agree with most of the former comments. Australia’s government isn’t looking at the problem with a long range view. It will affect many of their indigenous species as well. I too always wanted to visit this beautiful country and see all of the different species of animals found no where else in the world. And to make new friends. However due to its extremely short sighted government, I will take my vacation elsewhere. Please don’t kill these beautiful cats. Try TNR instead. PLEASE!!!

Peggy H on June 01 2019 at 05:45PM

TNR is effective. My neighbors have actively participated in this for several years. It does work and is a great idea. It does take some time to see the difference because decreasing and “taming” a feral population is a generational process, so it also takes patience. The number of feral cats in my immediate neighborhood is considerably less than it was. One of my rescue kitties was a feral kitten who fortunately was rescued at a young enough age to be able to become a wonderful domestic cat.

bill lorigan on June 01 2019 at 05:23PM

would be good if one could share this on F/b but no where to do so ???

Sheila Ryan on June 01 2019 at 05:18PM

Ok, yes this sounds horrific & yes, I agree that it hasn’t been thought thru completely. Other carnivores will die if this scheme goes thru. But TNR doesn’t help the fact that cats WILL continue to kill native birds, mammals etc. Killing millions of cats will slow all of that down, but it’s kinda like Hawaii introducing cane toads. It’s not been completely had all scenarios thought through!! What about all the dead cats? Is someone going to comb the areas to collect the bodies? Think of the HORRIFIC smell!! If the poison doesn’t kill others & there are some that don’t, then other carnivores will benefit, but still the smell!! And what about fining the humans who release cats again after the others are gone? And what if someone’s pet escapes one day & then eats the sausages & dies. This is a BAD solution. But there aren’t enough cages in the world to catch them all & make a dent in the population. Shooting them might be easier & more humane.

Debbie on June 01 2019 at 04:03PM

spay and neuter programs work everywhere else! Come on people let’s be a little more compassionate!

Ilia k on June 01 2019 at 04:02PM

The poison sausage approach is questionable. I had to look up the kangaroo meat part, because that honestly sounded fake. What a strange thing to do.

BUT, culling an overpopulated species can be a merciful thing to do. Domestic cats aren’t well equipped to live in the wild and they often live short, sickly lives. TNR is controversial because some studies are showing that it isn’t very effective. This way, we’re preventing the spread of the population and preventing the suffering of these cats’ possible descendants.

Additionally, why are cats the only species that deserve our sympathy? What about the native species that didn’t evolve to survive against cats? It’s irresponsible to ignore the human factors causing this, and honestly infuriating, but it’s also true that these poor animals are dying out because of cats introduced by humans not long ago in the scheme of environments.

If they were also addressing the human causes, and doing it in a more careful way that wouldn’t kill unintended animals, I would still be sad but I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Justine Davis-Brown on June 01 2019 at 02:55PM

I’ve had a petition I started against this for a few years. I think it is stupid and pointless to mass murder 2 million cats to curb their population when Australia’s laziness over the matter contributed to the red flag problem. 1.) TNR is much smarter and productive to keep the cat population from getting put of control. 2.) Australia poisoning 2 million cats will not keep them from having babies and growing out of control again. 3.) poison will also harm other animals who find a deathly sausage to snack on or if a predator eats them, they die as well. 4.) Australia is not taking accountability for their stupid actions. They treated their country like neglected parents and now are acting like Hitler in a mass genocide. Smarten up Australia! Trap, neuter and fix the problem humanely and for real this time!!! Don’t get caught up in your dumb circle of life over and over again because you can’t control the issue like a smart American.

NancyBrighteyes KeislingMiller on June 01 2019 at 02:10PM

and this is why i will NEVER EVER EVER Visit your Country , WHO THE F**K gives you the right to Kill any Living Breathing thing , you are not God , not even close , i Hope you all involved in this Nasty Vile decision all Rott in hell ,

DAN LUBNIEWSKI on June 01 2019 at 01:48PM

NEED TO VENT – CONTACT ME – mr.lee@inbox.com – Birdman of long beach – but check your Spam for my response because I will answer you back you have my word. I am a disabled U.S.M.C. veteran so I am home a lot and I have plenty of time for e-mails and potential new friends. I am really not in that bad of physical health and mostly I am simply stuck without transportation but I have lots of animals to surround my life with. I still jump between dogs bigger than me to break up fights and somehow manage not to get bit. My whole life for the past 30 years has basically been rescue work. I have rescued a lot of cats for TNR and fed thousands of cats for years and still feed all the Cats & Dogs & Birds in my neighborhood daily plus Rabbits, Puppies, Chickens and a Duck behind me and keep everyone in Ice Cold Water all summer long. The thought about killing animals with poison is as sick and twisted as it gets. I have heard poisoning is such a horrible slow torturous way to die and how could any human approve of this. I guess that is why I love animals a million times more than most humans because animals really do understand love, friendship and honesty and would never deliberately poison a human being.

frances crouch on June 01 2019 at 01:28PM

spay and neuter will not solve the problem..they are still alive and will continue to kill it will take years for the population to decrease..in the mean time people will continue to turn loose their house pets and abandon them unneutered….keep your cats indoors or they will kill..even if they are well fed they will kill they are predators thats what they do..catch them and dispose of them humanly putting out poison will kill other wild life and is no solution

Janine Ledergerber on June 01 2019 at 01:05PM

Trap-Neuter-Return has been proven effective in reducing the numbers of feral cats. Setting out poison will undoubtedly cause many cats to die an horrific death but it will also claim large numbers of other carnivorous animals. It is not possible to put a sign out saying “Cats Only”. Obviously, this group of rocket scientists has not thought it through due to severe tunnel vision. If the cats who were killed by the poison were eaten, the animal eating the cat would also die. TNR is the best way because the cats will no longer be able to reproduce and they will die off thereby reducing their numbers over time. In a few years, the feral cat population will be all but gone. It scares me to think that there are people in positions of power who think that such a cruel and inhumane method of reducing the feral cat population by poisoning them is the answer to the problem. It is those people who are really the problem because they can’t see the whole picture.

Catherine on June 01 2019 at 01:02PM

Is no one doing TNR in that country?
How did it get this out of hand in the first place.
A better solution is needed. Killing them in this manner is cruel and painful. Some of these cats could be
Tamable and family pets.This is heartbreaking and i think they should be stopped from this horiffic act of

sandra l gefre on June 01 2019 at 01:00PM


Sarah on June 01 2019 at 12:59PM

This is truly sickening. People who do not spay and neuter their cats are the reason for all the ‘feral strays’ so, of course, the only solution to a problem brought on by humans is to poison the cats. Australia, USA, England….wherever, when are all these ‘civilized’ countries going to stop this type of cruelty? Ive been rescuing for years and have TNR’d countless strays, there is no need for this slaughter. I hope those responsible reap the appropriate reward.

Former Australian vacationer from US on June 01 2019 at 12:50PM

That is so sad. I will never go back to vacation in Australia again. Last year was my 18th trip. I loved that country but canceled plans. Boycotting travel sends a message. This solution is killing far more than the feral cats. You will find out if you track the poisoned sausage victims. TNR! Hoping someone will start a picket or petition to the Australian embassy in DC.

Former Australian vacationer from US on June 01 2019 at 12:49PM

That is so sad. I will never go back to vacation in Australia again. Last year was my 18th trip. I loved that country but canceled plans. Boycotting travel sends a message. This solution is killing far more than the feral cats. You will find out if you track the poisoned sausage victims. TNR! Hoping someone will start a picket or petition to the Australian embassy in DC.

SEB on June 01 2019 at 12:19PM

Nature and God knows more than any HUMAN who thinks they do!

These cats have every right to LIFE as any other creature in nature!

LONG LIVE THE CATS .. wild dogs .. wild horses and all God’s creatures!

Junetta Lancaster on June 01 2019 at 12:14PM

Why did you wait so long before doing something about the cat population? What is your goal 2 million every time. Your should of TNR to help cut down on the population. You will also be killing other animals and birds that eat your sausages. Shame on the Australians can’t you think of something else. As always it’s the animals that have to suffer for your negligence.

DAN LUBNIEWSKI on June 01 2019 at 12:11PM

PER – KAY LOWES COMMENT – PETA – Kay, a few years ago I was feeding cats by a apartment complex in the alley that had a courtyard with a planted area.. Cats were peeing in the planted area so some twisted idiot started poisoning the cats and leaving them by the Managers door. I called PETA thinking they would help. The jerk wanted me to trap all the cats so PETA could kill them humanely – Never had anything to do with
those idiots at PETA again. They never suggested me trapping them for TNR and relocate them to a safe area to live and I have trapped lots of cats for TNR – Thanks Kay, Dan Lubniewski – Birdman of long beach..

Rachelle Tinsley on June 01 2019 at 12:07PM

I wonder if they have thought about the potential poisoning of other animals who eat these cats who have died? They may end up with a snowball effect and cause even more damage to the wildlife.

I believe in TNR and I feel that would be a better solution to poisoning.

Drongo on June 01 2019 at 11:59AM

To all the people wishing Australians dead etc.. it’s our stupid government doing this. How would you like to be held personally accountable for every bad decision your government made, especially if you voted for a different party? We get sucked into every war your country starts for no good reason so maybe have a good hard look at yourselves before wishing others dead.

jmuhj on June 01 2019 at 11:55AM

HUMANS, not cats, are the biggest cause of species extinction, far and away; and those pointing out the fallacies in the Australian government’s plan are absolutely correct.

Alley Cat Allies CEO Becky Robinson, who has decades of expertise in dealing humanely and effectively with outdoor cats, travelled to Australia in order to inform their government and hopefully convince them of the need to implement TNR. She failed. And now we have vengeful, ill-informed bumblers seeking to eradicate two million innocent cats to solve the problem THEIR ANCESTORS began and they themselves are continuing.

May those they are seeking to save eat these baits! and may other “non-target” invididuals, of whatever species, also fall prey to this diabolical scheme. For those that implemented it, may they reap what they have sown.

DAN LUBNIEWSKI on June 01 2019 at 11:53AM

I just posted my comment on the poisoning. I did not think I could post my e-mail address but I will give it a try. I wanted to take this opportunity to give information about the cruel practice of Pigeon Racing. I am the ‘’Birdman of long beach’’ rescued and rehabbed over 4,000 pigeons off the street for 10 straight years with many published stories under my name Dan Lubniewski or Birdman of long beach and Images are also available if you click on Images. If anyone finds a injured pigeon around LA or Long Beach Ca. area I have a friend with aviaries with hundreds of permanently disabled pigeons that would most likely take in a injured pigeon so contact me for his contact information. Also Long Beach Animal Hospital on Anahein St. takes in pigeons for free and you just fill out a short Wildlife Form. Pigeons were war heroes and are one of the sweetest and smartest animals on earth. They don’t carry diseases to humans – all lies from pest control companies to sell products. Please do not return banded Racing Pigeons back to Racing Clubs. Once they are not satisfied with their performance they kill most of them with no remorse. They keep a few with good blood lines for breeding and that’s about it in most cases – mr.lee@inbox.com – Dan Lubniewski – if you contact me please watch your Spam for a response back because I will respond back, thank you

Joshhua Ray on June 01 2019 at 11:47AM

As the article states these delicious sausage snacks are laced with Kangaroo meat, not entirely sure if the destruction of a native species is required to save the population of feral kittens and cats. As an advocate upon the salvation of natural resources, I do agree with the bird man from Long Beach CA, USA in regards to the chains effect where large animal eats small animal and as the poison gets smaller, the victims get larger.
Insecticide kills the bugs birds eat, birds then are hunted by cats and the poison is brought back down to earth. We as humans have control over the contaminated species yet a vast majority of natural wildlife needs to be identified. Of kangaroos are being slaughtered for the sake of a kitten then we both need to re-evaluate the food source for ourselves and these wonderful (natives) in the Outback.

Susan Humphreys on June 01 2019 at 11:44AM

Australia, TNR!! Dropping poisonous sausages is cruel and unnecessary, when there are better solutions. I am horrified!! I, too, will not support the murder of these cats!! Trap, Neuter & Return!!

Cattown on June 01 2019 at 11:38AM

With all the people banning travel to Australia you are sure to have a loss in your economy. I am one of those people to vow never going to Australia because of this. TNR is alot better way to handle the feral cat population. This is the peoples fault, not the poor cats! What about the loss of habitat? Another way humans have sqrewed things up for your endangered species! Stop blaming the cats and point the finger where it belongs!

Marisol Torres on June 01 2019 at 11:37AM

Some birds and other innocent creatures are going to eat those sausages. That is not the right way to preserve the fauna ..

June Haggar on June 01 2019 at 11:30AM

What a horribly evil, vile thing to do. Selfish humans are the reason this has happened because lazy evil Australians never sterilized their cats and they bred over and over. They should feed those sausages to the population of Australia and cut down on evil rotten humans. What happens when PETS and livestock eat those sausages? Did the morons of Australia ever think of that? Another reason why I and my family will never be a tourist in that hell hole. Shame on the sociopaths of Australia. Legal Serial Killers.

Juli on June 01 2019 at 11:27AM

TNR works better than any other method. 2 million dead cats can’t be good for the environment, neither can poisoned sausages lying all over. I’m sure other meat-eaters are interested in sausage. The problem with TNR is the cost. Maybe there could be a concerted volunteer effort?
Look at it this way, humans are both invasive and worse for the existence of native species of every country. Let’s see, if we were trying to control human population, would we use poison sausage or TNR…

Nina on June 01 2019 at 11:19AM

The people in Australia are real idiots. This is cruel and inhumane. If I could go to Australia I would rescue all those cats as soon as possible.

Stephanie Giles on June 01 2019 at 11:04AM

Civilization hasn’t progressed much if humans think it’s okay to murder one species to save another. What does that say about us?

Kay Lowe on June 01 2019 at 11:04AM

Some have asked about PETA, All PETA is interested in is coming up w/thing such as teaching us not to use anti-animal language, such as, stop saying, “Kill two birds w/one stone”, and replace it w/“Feed two birds w/one scone”. Instead of “Take the bull by the horns”, “take the rose by the thorns”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Al Caruso on June 01 2019 at 11:00AM

This is wrong wrong wrong! This has got to be prevented. I don’t know how but it’s got to. This is a violation of animal rights. Will never set foot there nor will I enrich their economy in any way until they change their policies regarding the killing of these innocent animals!

Joseph Founds on June 01 2019 at 11:00AM

Do these morons even understand that they are going to kill more than just cats and could even kill more endangered species? If Australia doesn’t change to trap neuter and release instead of this murder I will have to call on my friend Donald Trump. I’ve already cancelled $100,000 in business with Australians because of this but I think Donald could make an even bigger impact.

DAN LUBNIEWSKI on June 01 2019 at 10:59AM

I am the Birdman of long beach, I rescued and Rehab over 4,000 Pigeons in ten years in California with many published stories on my rescue work. At night me and my Pitbull Babygirl would go out and feed cats in about 12 locations. A couple different times I observed cats stalking those square poison boxes the city would have in a lot of areas for Rats. So that means if a cat eats the poisoned Rats there will be a double poisoning. And this is exactly what will happen in Australia. Thousands of other innocent animals including a lot of peoples pet dogs & cats will eat the sausages and die a slow horrible torturous death. What if a deranged person with revenge grabs the sausages and mixes it in with food at a all you can eat buffet. I am only saying that because a lot of people will want vengeance if these moron idiots do anything this sick and depraved.I truly believe humans are most of the reason because of habitat loss due to our greed. My number is listed if anyone would like to discuss this and I do not text or have a cell phone only voicemail and I now live in Texas.

Mariah Beaney on June 01 2019 at 10:54AM

I am sad and horrified by this! Cruel and inhumane and they should be thinking of something humane like TNR. They should be fed the sausages for even thinking about this!

Dawn on June 01 2019 at 10:53AM

It is irresponsible and cruel to kill the cats. This kind of death by poison is painful and slow! Besides, other species will also be killed along with the cats, not to mention humans, who may eat the sausages by mistake. Why haven’t they been practicing trap neuter and release all along? We do it in this country and it has been proven to reduce feral populations significantly.

Ann Jones on June 01 2019 at 10:52AM

Does the Australian government not realise that these cats are living breathing creatures and deserve better than the cruelty they are being shown.HOW ABOUT STOPPING THE POPULATION FROM GROWING BY NEUTERING these helpless animals.After all the government let things get out of hand.
Never mind the fauna, these creatures need treating humanly.
Someone must do something to stop this barbaric cruelty!!!!!!

Tammy on June 01 2019 at 10:50AM

I use to want to visit there but I will never go to a place that murders poor cats that did not choose to be abandon by the human species. It is because of humans that they have the over population. You do not mass murder millions of cats because you are to stupid To put a law in place to prevent cats from multiplying like that. If You make people nueter/ spay their cats . Also like other places do trap nueter/spay and release you would not have an issue. Plus make a law that no cat is allowed outside or the owner would be fined. There is so many things that could be done to avoid this and not result in murder. It makes you no better than murders who murder people. You humans made your issue of over populates cats. They need to eat so this is on Austrailia not the poor cats. What do you expect them to do when they are left to defend for themselves. Humans kill animals to eat so why are cats any different then us. We do not have to eat meat to survive but we choose to. So get off your high horse and do a positive change instead of mass murder of defenceless cats. Shame on you!!

Debra joseph on June 01 2019 at 10:43AM

Do not kill the cats use trap neuter and return. If you never late the cats out they wouldn’t kill to eat but they have to eat. Please don’t murder the cats. They have to eat. Trap neuter is the only humane way to do it.

Jean on June 01 2019 at 10:42AM

I think whoever is in charge of this needs to be put down I don’t Advocate killing cats for any reason unless they have rabies or something like that I always wanted to visit Australia but now I’ll never step foot there

Barbara Garcia on June 01 2019 at 10:37AM

How many native predators (such as dingoes and others) will be slaughtered by either eating the “sausage” or eating the animals that die from eating the “sausage”?

On top of that, in the article it listed some of the ingredients and one of them was kangaroo meat. So, to slaughter cats to save native Australian animals they are going to slaughter native Australian animals.

Valerie Smith on June 01 2019 at 10:37AM

This is the cruelest method! People over here capture them and have them spayed and neutered and release them back or send them to foster homes! Like many said before me how in the hell do you stop other creatures from eating the poison bait? You’ll regret this method!

Sharon Letson on June 01 2019 at 10:36AM

what other animals will die from ingesting these poisoned meats? Terrible, terrible way to reduce the cat population.

ibisa on June 01 2019 at 10:19AM

Why are they doing that is inhumane i can’t believe what i was reading, what a bunch of criminal are this Australian people

Marie Carter on June 01 2019 at 10:19AM

And here I thought you guys were cool. Myxomatosis for your rabbit population and slaughter for the cats. Evil. Sick. I’ll never visit!

Maria Mackin on June 01 2019 at 10:18AM

I think this problem should have been dealt with before it got to this point. It is a horrific way to kill any animal. Where is PETA on this subject??? What about other animals that may eat the poison or the poisoned cats? This is just nuts, they need to come up with a better plan to control the feral cat population.

Carolyn on June 01 2019 at 10:12AM


megan preston on June 01 2019 at 10:10AM

I will never understand how rational-thinking human beings think that killing millions of a species is the answer. why not come up with an actual plan to solve the problem? I wish someone would solve the problem of Australia existing. how would they feel being wiped out? sounds good to me! i’ll never visit that place. cats are living, breathing animals and it is NOT up to us who lives and who dies.

Nycolle on May 23 2019 at 09:05PM

Interesting topic. In my opinion, yes, feral cat numbers need to decline. Our natural and native environment needs to be protected. But as a very honest and open thought, humans really have the worst impact overall. Mass clearing of land, extreme air pollution, poor consideration about future impacts of our actions. The Adani coal mine is a prime example and I hope it doesn’t go ahead.
Cats and other non-native animals certainly have their impact and should be managed in a very humane way. If anything, I would encourage the capture and safe ‘putting-down’ of these beautiful creatures who can’t be adopted. I struggle to see cats loose outdoors. Owners need to take responsibility and do their best for their cats by ensuring they are kept indoors or in an enclosure outside and therefore keeping wildlife safe. That way we can all still thoroughly enjoy their company and cuddles, but know they’re not destroying the lives and prospects of other living creatures.

CatQueen on May 06 2019 at 10:10PM

They cannot be this stupid to think the poison will be controlled to effect only cats. 1.) As a cat lover and advocate this is just straight up evil as can be . 2.) Anyone with half a brain has the foresight to see this will all go to shit. 3.) Citizens of Australia should care about this. Not just for the cats but for themselves as well. Can they not understand the inevitable risk here ? Rot in hell ! What blatant hostility toward our Loving God and his creations.

Erin on May 06 2019 at 08:36PM

Is there any way to prevent this?

Yuka Shiraii on May 06 2019 at 07:05PM

I changed my mind about Australia. It was my dream to visit there. But, the government are heartless towards these innocent cats. Three words to describe Australia, cruel, nasty, country.

Heidy on May 05 2019 at 09:00PM

How are the going to control where the poison ends up? Other animals might ingest it or the cats after they have been poisined. This is a seriously not a good idea. Not to mention extremely cruel. There are alternative methods. And no, there is no clear and definitive link between species loss and cats and consequently no clear benefit to cat killing and species survival. If anything, history had shown that human intervention of this kind only makes things worse. Someone who hates cats just flippantly decided this was a good idea.

Dylan on May 04 2019 at 06:01AM

Lol I love how this makes people not want to come to Australia. How ridiculous. Do you have any idea about your own country

Nith Rothana on May 04 2019 at 01:59AM

what the hell country. it will be worsen if they fell killing is legal. First they kill animal then people for sure. i used to like Australia but sorry Australian you are a cruel one in the world history.

Denzel S. Villamin on May 04 2019 at 12:41AM

Why settle in a short term solution (killing 2 milion feral cats)? when there is a HUMANE and much better solution?

Nicole Laliberté on May 03 2019 at 12:34PM

What a horrible situation! Won’t this bright idea also put at risk other species? Killing off birds that feed on meat for exemple? Well thought out ladies and gents! 😠

JenCatSmiles on May 03 2019 at 12:01AM

This is horrible. Poisoning cats is not the right answer! I agree above I will now NEVER visit this horrible country and will tell everyone I know the same!

Tami on May 02 2019 at 09:07PM

The culling and mass slaughter of innocent animals, feline or otherwise, is not the answer. The problem lies in the ignorance and irresponsibility of humans in not spaying or neutering their cats. Instead of taking the barbaric measure of poisoning these animals, among others, implement a TNR program to spay and neuter them. Implement low cost spay and neuter programs for pet owners so they can be more responsible. End the cycle of ignorance and inhumane treatment of animals by educating people about responsible pet ownership. Animals are a lifetime commitment — for the life of the animal. Community cats should be taken care of by the community if need be, not inhumanely slaughtered.

Kim on May 02 2019 at 06:50PM

No need to blame small creatures such as felines for the demise of the native species when we know for a fact that is humans themselves causing most of it and are usually the ones to put the final nail in the coffin.

If you want to hate, hate on humans. All cats need is proper TNR to get the populations under control. Anything other than this is abuse.

Holly on May 02 2019 at 06:44PM

Disgusted. Humans created the problem, but take it out on the cats and other animals that will die from eating their “solution” to their irresponsibility. Grow up Australia. Spay. Neuter. TNR.

Linda Shockley on May 02 2019 at 05:46PM

This dropping of poisonous sausages is not only Barbaric and Cruel but other animals will eat this crap too. And what about birds that will eat the carcasses of the poisoned cats? Many deaths will occur. There Has to be a better solution than mass murdering of innocent cats. Rats also will overcome the country of Australia. The Plague caused by rats is well documented.

Linda Shockley on May 02 2019 at 05:45PM

This dropping of poisonous sausages is not only Barbaric and Cruel but other animals will eat this crap too. And what about birds that will eat the carcasses of the poisoned cats? Many deaths will occur. There Has to be a better solution than mass murdering of innocent cats. Rats also will overcome the country of Australia. The Plague caused by rats is well documented.

Lisa on May 02 2019 at 05:21PM

TNR is slower but we Have an obligation to find a humane solution to a problem we created.

Greg on May 02 2019 at 05:08PM

We can’t keep human population in check yet we feel it necessary to govern animal populations. The Australian gov will regret their moves the moment less “invasive” species start eating these sausages since what is appealing to predatory cats is also appealing to all predators. Wait ’til a kid eats one. Sure that will merit a response (not from me as I feel humans self righteous entitlement is far from deserved).

Evelyn Rivas on May 02 2019 at 04:59PM

This is the most inhumane way of slowing the feral population. TNR does work and ut has been proven over and over.

Eva sacharczuk on May 02 2019 at 04:58PM

Disgusting. I will never visit Australia. Horrified.

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