An Ohio Bomb Squad Was Called To Disarm A Bag ... of Kittens October 20 2021, 3 Comments

How do you disarm a bag of kittens? You call in an Ohio bomb squad. That’s what happened earlier this year in a small town near Cincinnati, Ohio.

A suspicious bag was found outside of a church and Butler County Sheriff's deputies and the Bomb Unit were called in to investigate. The bomb unit carefully opened the bag to discover a cat and her six 1-day-old kittens inside.

“When Specialist Mike Grimes and Det. Detherage arrived, they didn’t hear ticking - they heard purring!” the Sheriff’s office posted on their Facebook page.

There was also a note included in the bag that read “Mom’s name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2:00 p.m. Wed. Feb. 17th.”

The Sheriff’s office immediately brought Sprinkles and her 6 newborns to Hamilton, Ohio’s Animal Friends Humane Society.

On their Facebook page, AFHS posted “they were all soaked in mom’s urine and needed gentle baths when they arrived. Sprinkles, purring throughout it all, received her vaccines and blood test and appears to be in good health. She’s doing a fantastic job nursing and caring for her babies, and all 7 will be placed with their foster family this afternoon.”

Affectionately nicknamed "The Bomb Squad" by shelter staff and volunteers, Sprinkles' 6 kittens were named from Facebook fan suggestions: Cupcake, Muffin, Donut, Boris, Excalibur, and Sadie! The adorable family quickly settled into their foster home. 

Unfortunately, many cats and their newborn kittens are dropped off at shelters or churches during "kitten season" - the breeding season for cats that results in a flood of homeless kittens to shelters, often in need of critical foster care. Kitten season typically spans April to October and during this time many rescues are inundated. 

If you want to help, foster parents are always welcomed and wanted at rescues and shelters. You can read more on how you can help during kitten season (And beyond) here!