Amazing Origami Cats To Scratch your Kitty Crafting Itch

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Origami (from ori meaning "folding" and kami meaning "paper") is the Japanese art of paper folding. These artists really know how to breathe life and animation into a simple sheet of paper! These origami cats are kitty-cat crafts taken to the next level: they are truly an art form. But for all you cat crafters out there, here are a few amazing origami cats to inspire you to scratch that kitty-cat crafting itch.

1. This ginger tabby is really brought to life with the tiny yarn ball. 

Photo: Alexander Krupinov, Flickr


2. These origami kitties also double as an adorable gift box! 

Via OrigamiSpirit


3. This ginger tabby seems like he's pondering the complexities of life in the 3rd dimension. 

Photo: Eric Vigier, Flickr


4. This pattern uses a clever mix of color and design to make a distinctly Siamese cat. 

Photo: gabrixx_, Flickr


5. This feline is slightly more animated - check out those big eyes! 

Photo: Hiroaki Kobayashi, Flickr


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6. These angelic cats have a bit of fantasy folded in.  

Photo: Joseph Wu, Flickr


7. These beautifully textured cats stand out from the crowd with their embossed coats. 

Photo: Joseph Wu, Flickr



Photo: Agnieska Mackonyte, Flickr


9. These playfully folded origami figures purrfectly embody the energy of kittenhood. 

Photo: Flickr


10. This origami kitty is all dressed up in his tuxedo. 

Photo: Eyal, Flickr


11. You can have cat origami without an homage to the Big Cats! 

Photo: Hoàng Tiến Quyết, Flickr


12. In honor of Black Panther's big success, here's a wonderfully crafted black panther! 

Photo: Quentin Trollip, Flickr 


If you liked these origami kitty cats, you'll want to check out our new Origami Cats necklace series! 


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