Adventures of a Rescue Cat Named Zoey June 18 2021, 2 Comments

Meow! My name is Zoey. My hoomans tell me that I’m something called a flame point Siamese...whatever that is!

The humans are saying that June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat month - I think it’s a great time to give a little purr-spective from a former shelter kitty, to share my story, and to think about our family and friends and all the good things we can celebrate in life. So, I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you!


Life started out a little rough for me. I got separated from my mom and siblings and ended up at a shelter when I was just a few weeks old. I don't know what happened to my mom and brothers and sisters, but I hope they are as happy as I am, wherever they are! 

At the shelter, I didn’t feel very good and tried to tell the hoomans there, but they didn’t seem to understand me, but I kept talking to them and talking to them. They were very kind and played with me when they could, and always made sure I had warm blankets and lots of toys to play with. I waited and waited for what felt like FOREVER and thought I'd never find a new home.

But 2 hoomans showed up and played with me - they were so nice I snuggled right up to them and instantly liked them. Well, I guess they decided they liked me enough to take me home! 

I still didn’t feel very good (and sure let me new hoomans know what I thought about my new digs). But I did get to meet 2 cats that became part of my new family - I was a little scared of them at first. But Haley and Luna were very nice to me and welcoming even though I was new there. I didn't think they'd want to share their big, cozy beds with li'l ol' me. 


The next day I went to someone called “Vet," which is just as scary as it sounds at first. There were lots of new sights and sounds and smells - but I did get lots of treats, and something called medicine that made me feel better after a few days. I didn't like the medicine but I didn't mind it too much as long as they gave me lots of treats (and cuddles) to make up for it. I guess you could call it a bribe, but it sure was a yummy bribe!

Once I was better, I got to have a lot of fun with my 2 new sisters and the hoomans. They gave me tons of toys to play with, but I liked playing with Luna's tail best of all. She disagrees with me. 


The rest is, as you hoomans say, hiss-tory! Here I am all grown up and snuggled up in one of the many beds I get to call my own now. (I still share with Luna and Haley, though!)


Featuring the Banana Cat Bed


I hope you celebrate all the good things in your life like I do and don’t forget how wonderful a rescue cat can be in your life.


Purrs and slow blinks,