Adventures of a Rescue Cat Named Zoey


Meow! My name is Zoey. My hoomans tell me that I’m something called a flame point Siamese...whatever that is!

The humans are saying that June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat month - I think it’s a great time to give a little purr-spective from a former shelter kitty, to share my story, and to think about our family and friends and all the good things we can celebrate in life. So, I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you!


Life started out a little rough for me. I got separated from my mom and siblings and ended up at a shelter when I was just a few weeks old. I don't know what happened to my mom and brothers and sisters, but I hope they are as happy as I am, wherever they are! 

At the shelter, I didn’t feel very good and tried to tell the hoomans there, but they didn’t seem to understand me, but I kept talking to them and talking to them. They were very kind and played with me when they could, and always made sure I had warm blankets and lots of toys to play with. I waited and waited for what felt like FOREVER and thought I'd never find a new home.

But 2 hoomans showed up and played with me - they were so nice I snuggled right up to them and instantly liked them. Well, I guess they decided they liked me enough to take me home! 

I still didn’t feel very good (and sure let me new hoomans know what I thought about my new digs). But I did get to meet 2 cats that became part of my new family - I was a little scared of them at first. But Haley and Luna were very nice to me and welcoming even though I was new there. I didn't think they'd want to share their big, cozy beds with li'l ol' me. 


The next day I went to someone called “Vet," which is just as scary as it sounds at first. There were lots of new sights and sounds and smells - but I did get lots of treats, and something called medicine that made me feel better after a few days. I didn't like the medicine but I didn't mind it too much as long as they gave me lots of treats (and cuddles) to make up for it. I guess you could call it a bribe, but it sure was a yummy bribe!

Once I was better, I got to have a lot of fun with my 2 new sisters and the hoomans. They gave me tons of toys to play with, but I liked playing with Luna's tail best of all. She disagrees with me. 


The rest is, as you hoomans say, hiss-tory! Here I am all grown up and snuggled up in one of the many beds I get to call my own now. (I still share with Luna and Haley, though!)


Featuring the Banana Cat Bed


I hope you celebrate all the good things in your life like I do and don’t forget how wonderful a rescue cat can be in your life.


Purrs and slow blinks,




  • Sarah

    We have a rescue kitty that was very sick and needed extra care.She is so loving and I am so happy she came to be our fur daughter.

  • Christine

    I adopted an all white cat with gold eyes a year and a half ago. She was 2 and it was her second time at the shelter with what both families said were “issues.” I played with her and she has been the joy of my life!!! The “issues” turned out to be her need for attention in 2 crowded homes. She plays all the time, watches tv with me and loves everyone who walks in the door. She is the first cat who has never scratched or bitten me!!!! I love her so much!!! Please adopt don’t shop!!!!

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