A Note From the Founder & CEO of Meowingtons


If there’s a time for women entrepreneurs to prevail, it’s now. I won’t be bullied into submission over something I’ve worked so hard for. 

deadmau5 emma bassiri meowingtons lawsuit

Being involved in a lawsuit is irritating and at times distracting. Rather than let Mr. Zimmerman’s harsh and undignified comments get me down, I am instead re-energized to continue building my business, serving loyal customers and the larger Meowingtons.com community to make it even better with more cat-themed fashions, accessories, and pet products than ever before. I want this matter to serve as an example to encourage every woman business owner to stand up for themselves, especially now when women’s rights and equality are in the public eye during Women's History Month.

I also don’t want to lose sight of what’s important at hand here. I started meowingtons.com as a place for cat lovers to unite, share, and most importantly laugh over the undeniably hilarious creatures we call cats. I’ll be even more energized through this ordeal if cat lovers would come together and create more life-changing bonds between humans and cats by supporting the Humane Society and all the hard work of its volunteers who have dedicated their lives to saving animals and finding them forever homes. 

Community support is really appreciated via sharing this post, leaving a comment, and if you’d like, donate to the Humane Society here:

 - Emma Bassiri




  • andree

    P.s. you always send the wrong item or size. Stupid!

  • shirlie stratton

    people have been using the word meow in cats names for years. this person is just trying to take a part of your hard earned business.
    he needs to go fly a kite!!! good luck and
    let zolton do a skit about him when this is all
    please give Jessica a big hug from a
    loyal fan🐈‍⬛🎀💜

  • joelthecuck

    deadmau5 is a faggot and so are his fans. my buddy drones for fun in milton with his truck, this twink bursts out of the bushes squealing he’s on “private property,” notes plates and files a police report. 500m from his house, 10 seconds over a public road.
    sonny should have pegged his sphincter a bit more.

  • Alexa

    I guess this lady should just rename her whole website and business because dead mouses cat was named meowingtons years before she made this website. Can y’all see the things you type because that’s literally insane LOL

  • Alexa

    What in the literal f is wrong with you people. Idk if you psycho dead mouse fans are aware but like 95% of the world doesn’t listen to him or even know who the f he is so how can you expect some random person to know his cats name is meowington?? Also, he actually didn’t already have a trade mark for it, he tried to trademark it and found this websites existence and than he threw a little b**ch fit in typical dead mouse fashion and lost 😂 AND ALSO he didn’t invent the word meowingtons it’s a very common cat name.

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