Japanese Cat Island Tries to Lure Ed Sheeran In With a Cat Music Video

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One of Japan's eleven - that's right, eleven - cat islands has written Ed Sheeran the ultimate fan letter: a cat music video featuring his music. The video is entitled "Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran" and is, indeed, directed to the Irish singer/songwriter himself. They even appeal to his heritage.

The video goes on to say “Did you know that there is a cat island in Japan? It’s called Ainoshima. It’s a tiny, tiny island and the size can’t even be compared to Ireland!”

Ainoshima, also known as "Cat Heaven", is home to 500 humans and approximately 150 felines. 



While the video is artfully directed and well put together (there are some stunning shots of the cats doin' their cat thing) the music doesn't really fit the tone of the video. But I can definitely see the appeal.

Ed Sheeran hasn't been shy about his love for cats.




He seems happy to show the world that it isn't just ladies who are crazy about cats.



Ed's got three cats of his own: Dorito, Calippo and his new rescue kitten, Graham, who's become quite famous himself.  



Ed Sheeran's included cats in his music videos.



He even opened the 2015 Music Awards by cuddling kittens.



How adorable is that?!



On his Thinking Out Loud tour in Japan, Ed Sheeran stopped off at a cat cafe to serenade some kitties with his dulcet tones.
Spoiler: the cats didn't seem too impressed with the heartthrob's guitar playing skills. 



It makes sense that the folks over on Cat Island would invite a famous cat fan like Mr. Sheeran. Let's just hope he takes the bait. It'll make for some great footage! 



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    What on earth is not to love about this?!!

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