9 Ways Pets Help Raise Happy, Healthy Kids


It could be said that the greatest benefit of having a cat is that you have a cat. What better validation can you get? A notoriously independent and “aloof” creature has chosen to bless you with its friendship, affection, love, and trust. Cats are really a package deal; they've got fluff, they purr, their paws are made of jelly beans - they're pretty magical.  But did you know that cats offer your family a ton of amazing benefits? From improving heart health to decreasing your carbon footprint, cats have more to offer than just their adorable faces.

Emily Parker, a guest blogger here on Meowingtons.com, writes more on how exactly cats (and other pets) can benefit the growth and development of children!


By Emily Parker, Catological.com

When your child comes to you and asks to have a pet, don't be so quick to say no. It's true that pets are a lot of responsibility. It takes a fair amount of time, energy, and funds to properly care for a pet. But there's more and more scientific evidence pointing to the many benefits they offer children - benefits that can far outweigh the costs. 

From helping them be sick less often to boosting their self-esteem, a child's pet can indeed set the stage for a happy and successful life. So if your child wants to make a trip to the local animal shelter, here are some great reasons not to hesitate! Check out the infographic below, or take a look at the original graphic here at Catological. Who knows, at the end of this article, you may be even more excited than your kid is to go out and find the perfect pet!


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  • Ragnhild

    And when your wife come to you and ask for a pet, don’t say no too quicly. Take some time to think about wether you cuddle her enough or spend enough time with her. Maybe you don’t. And if you don’t, are you willing to do it more, or is she better off with a pet?

  • Jil Wilson

    I am curious where are you located? Where are your products shipped from and do you participate in the affiliate program with other related websites?

    Also, your panel reads ABOUTS and not ABOUT US.

    Thank you, Cat Lover!

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