9 Things Cat Owners Experience on Thanksgiving

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1. You get home with the turkey - and your cat, who you've barely seen all week, greets you in the kitchen like this:

2. You put your groceries down and Inspector Gadget over here has to ensure you got everything you needed 

3. You step away from the kitchen for a mere minute and you come back to find your sous chef quality-checking the turkey 

4. After a close call, you start to prepare dinner. Thankfully, you don't have to do it on your own (even though you're still doing ALL the work)


5. You set the table hours before your guests arrive - but your kitty doesn't understand this. So he sits at (or on) the table waiting for the food to arrive. 


6. And when the food finally comes and someone has stolen his spot after hours of waiting, he settles for VIP seating

7. The drinks start flowing and you don't notice when your cat sneaks her way up to the turkey. You try and shoo her away - and this is the look she gives you...

...And then this one when you attempt to give her a nudge.

8. And finally, you are too tired of fighting with the cat that you let him polish off leftovers - even though he totally doesn't deserve a treat after the way he behaved in front of all your family and friends.  

9. But in the end, all the harassment is worth it- because, after the cat's long-awaited feast, she's too full to stop you from taking this picture!  

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  • susan gilbert

    So true. Mine do the same thing everyday!!!

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