These Cats Were Literally Born Ready For Halloween

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Although these Instagram kitties' somewhat different appearances bear a fantastical resemblance to popular Hollywood Halloween monsters, it should be noted that these cats are like any other cat; That is to say, completely adorable and absolutely amazing. They just happen to have a bit of a "spooky" twist.  

1. Mamba aka "Nosferpawtu" 

"My name is Mamba. I'm a handsome Transylvanian polydactyl male shelter rescue. A romantic with an overbite. Join my fang club."

nosferatu cat vampire fang cat

Mamba might not need help looking like the vampire that started it all, but serving bumblebee realness without a costume might be a bit tougher for this fanged fluff.  

bumblebee cat costume


2. Lycan the Lykoi

"My name is Lycan, my name is scary but I'm a sweet baby born on 4.27.17! I share my hooman with 2 Sphynx brothers and a Himalayan sister."

Lycan is a Lykoi, a type of hairless cat with a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat that bears an uncanny resemblance to a classic "Hollywood" werewolf.

lykoi werewolf cat halloween cat

3. Monkey

"Monk the Vampire Cat & bro Bean. NY. Best friends. Black cats are GOOD LUCK." 

vampire cat vampire kitty cat fangsvampire cat vampire kitty cat fangs


4. Loki 

She's the world's cuddliest vampire!

vampire cat vampire kitty cat fangs cat costume cat halloween costume


5. Mingus the Panther 

This Oriental Shorthair is what would happen if an Egyptian mummy cat fell in love with a vampire cat.  



6. Atchoum the Werewolf Cat 

Atchoum's extreme furriness is the result of a rare hormonal condition never-before-seen in cats called hypertrichosis, also known as "werewolf syndrome." Hypertrichosis causes fast,  continuous hair growth and thickening of the claws. 


7. Moony Strangecat

Moony Strangecat is the only other cat known to have hypertrichosis. 


8. "Alien Cat" Matilda 

"Matilda is a special kitty sent from outer space who likes to help other animals by spreading love around the galaxy."

Matilda suffers from a rare genetic eye disorder that causes her enlarged "out of this world" eyes. 

Unfortunately for Matilda, her condition worsened and her eyes had to be surgically removed. But even without her cosmic eyes, Matilda continues to amaze and inspire her owners. 


9. Wesley the Pirate Cat 

"My name is Wesley the Dread Pirate Roberts and I've had this adorable scallawag grin of mine since I was a little guy dropped off at my local shelter."


If your cat wasn't born for Halloween, try these head over to our Halloween Costume Collection and get a Pirate Cat (or Doctor or Cowboy or a little Bumblebee) of your very own!



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