7 Ways to Give Thanks To Your Cat This Thanksgiving

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For those that celebrate, Thanksgiving is a time to take stock of the things in our lives for which we are, well, thankful. And if you’re like us here at Meowingtons, one of the top items on your list of “Things I’m Thankful For" is cats. After all, cats give us everything we could ever need: a lap warmer, an alarm clock, a keyboard protector. Above all, cats give us companionship and unconditional love, which is hard to beat.

So this Thanksgiving let your cat know just how much you appreciate them for all the wonderful kitty things they do for you. Here are 10 fun, feline-inspired ways to thank your cat!


1. Share the Thanksgiving feast

If your kitty doesn’t have any special dietary needs, treat them to a nice, home-cooked meal instead of something out of the can! And nothing says “you’re part of the family” more than including the kitty in on the Thanksgiving feast. A few slices of skinless white meat turkey and some plain puree pumpkin make a delicious Thanksgiving treat for your kitty! However, skip the stuffing and any chocolaty desserts as they can be toxic to your kitty.


2. Treat Yo Cat to New Treats

If there’s one way to say “I love you,” in a language your cat will understand, it’s through food! Treat your cat to a new treat or two. Treat your cat to a glass of Pinot Meow Cat Wine – yes! It’s catnip wine for cats! If your cat wants something more meaty, Ciao Puree treats are a delicious alternative to dry, crunchy treats. This squeezable puree is especially handy for cats who struggle to get enough hydration or those with sensitive teeth, like senior cats. You can feed them the purée as a standalone treat or mix it in with their dry food as a tasty topper.


3. Make a Bird Viewing Station

Many cats love to watch birds! If your kitty is a bird-gazer, say “thanks” by setting up a bona fide bird viewing station for them. Hang a bird feeder on or near a window and give your kitty a comfortable perch so they can happily watch the birds – and maybe even chatter at them! It not only provides enrichment and entertainment for your cat – but for you, too!


4. Cycle in Some New Toys

Featured Above: The Mouse Hunt Cat Toy, an app-controlled toy!

Cats, like humans, can get bored of the same old things. If your cat’s stopped showing interest in their toys, trying rotating in some new ones! Whether they love catnip mice or they want a toy they can chase, giving your cat a new toy or two can brighten up their whole day – even their whole week!


5. Plant a Cat-Safe Garden

The Garden of Eatin’ – a gift that just keeps on giving! Plant an indoor or outdoor catnip garden so your feline can have a nip every now and then. If your cat doesn’t enjoy fresh catnip, you can plan cat greens instead, which provide kitties with healthy greens for roughage and vitamins. Most cat greens are quick-growing grasses like wheat, barely, oat, and rye. Instagram user jonesisacat used our Tom Cat Mug as a planter for their kitty greens! 


6. Extra TLC

The holidays can be a busy time; whether you’re cooking for Thanksgiving or shopping on Black Friday, our cats can sometimes fall by the wayside whether we mean to or not. Make sure to take some time in between visiting the family for your furry family member. Give them a little extra love and attention


7. A New Bed

Photo thanks to @lustforwords, Instagram

Whether you bring your cat home a new comfortable new cat bed or a cardboard box, your kitty will appreciate you every time she curls up for a nap. While most cats seem content to curl up in a cardboard box, some kitties need better support and comfort and deserve a soft, plush bed that offers support.


How do you show your cat you're thankful for them? Let us know in the comments!



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    Catnip. Fresh, toys and lots of hugs =^.^=

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