7 Rare and Beautiful Cat Colors


Without breaking out the Punnett squares and getting into the whole kit and caboodle about feline genetics and why cats come in pretty colors, here's a quick list of some of the rarer fur colors you might see some cats sporting. And, hey, while these cats aren't quite as fantastical as Lisa Frank's hot pink kitties, they're definitely as colorful. 

1. Chocolate

burmese cat havana brown cat chocolate cat

If you're wondering why they call this color chocolate, look no further than the Havana Brown breed. These cats are one of the only breeds to have a "true chocolate" coat color. The "chocolate" color is actually a genetic mutation of the Black gene, causing the black to dilute to this delightful chocolate color.  They also look great next to marshmallows and graham crackers. 


2. Cinnamon

oriental shorthair

Like Chocolate, Cinnamon is a dilution of the Black gene. Chocolate is recessive to Black, and Cinnamon is recessive to Chocolate. This Oriental Shorthair is sporting a beautiful Cinnamon-colored coat. 

3. Fawn

Fawn is an even further dilution of the Cinnamon gene. It is most commonly seen in breeds like the Abyssinian or Oriental Shorthairs. These rare and colorful dilutions are more likely to appear in pedigree or purebred cats that have been specifically bred for coloration.


4. Lilac or Lavender 

lilac cat lavender cat

Known as "lilac" or "lavender," this beautiful pastel color isn't actually purple. Like Fawn is to Cinnamon, Lilac is an even lighter dilution of the Chocolate gene. As recessive traits, dilutions like fawn and lilac are rare even in pedigree cats. 


5. Cream

Cream is a dilution of the Red gene (commonly called orange/ginger) in cats. 

6. Smoke

smoke cat smoke coloration cat

A cat with Smoke coloration will have a light silvery undercoat, ruff, and ear tufts with a  black topcoat and points (the face, ears, feet, tail). Smoke can come in longhaired or shorthaired cats. 


7. Chinchilla

chinchilla coat cat

The chinchilla coloration is most often found in Persian cats, and can actually present in "Silver" or "Gold". Like the Smoke coat, in Chinchilla coats to the cat's undercoat is pure white, while the tip of the hair is black, giving the cat a shimmery, silver appearance. 


Edit, 8/13/17: A correction has been made to Cinnamon; it is a dilute of black, not chocolate. 



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  • Amy

    Some of the info on here is incorrect…

  • Lucy

    Can you do one about dogs?

  • Cathy

    These are beautiful cats. I had one who in body and face looked like the lilac. His ears were taller and his coat brownish orange medium length like pic. I named him Cox because I would have sworn he was the offspring of a cat and a fox.
    My second reason for commenting is the drop off story. Let me say this in short. To those who don’t care that they take animals and dump them like trash. I find it just as appalling that you’d let your child (which is the most likely reason you came to have a kitten or puppy) worry and cry and have visions of their pet being lost hungry or hurt. That they remember long after you’ve managed to forget what you did. I’m 64 and haven’t forgotten any of them. Chances are your child won’t either. Wonder if people like that consider throwing away their children when they get on their nerves or make a mistake.
    Ok. I’m done.
    BTW I have 8 cats and 4 dogs ( all spayed and neutered) thanks to people with no conscience.
    Oops. I just had to tell the rest of the story.
    Now I’ll go back and thank God for my normal color cats but every bit as beautiful.

  • John

    What kind of Persian color to breed, possible to get this chinchilla Persian? Any suggestions ?
    Please let me know, email me.thanks

  • John

    What kind of Persian color to breed, possible to get this chinchilla Persian ? Any suggestions ?

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