6 Quick Cat Lady Costume Ideas in Time For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner - but it's never too early to plan your costume! Are you ready to look kawaii AF? Or maybe crazy AF? Whether you're into cutesy Halloween costumes or you're looking for something a bit more humorous, Meowingtons has something right up your alley (cat)!

It's almost impawsible to have a bad time dressed in this Cat Onesie. It's an easy, one-step costume so you can put it on and get your party on! 


Step into the footsteps of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's - all you need is a little black dress, a cute updo, a pair of cat-eye sunnies. Oh, and a cat to match! 

Source: bsinbmore, Wordpress


The original crazy cat lady was Alice. You know, from Wonderland? Rock a flared skirt with a pair of Chesire cat striped Catyhose and get that 'Through the Looking-Glass' vibe. 


You can beat the classics. Pair simple, feline face makeup with a Rhinestone Cat Ears Headband for a quick and easy (and hella cute) cat costume! 


Put your own twist on the "Crazy Cat Lady" costume with the Cat Eared Pouch Sweater: part cat lady, part kangaroo, all crazy. 

 Of course, you could always go with the stereotypical "Crazy Cat Lady" costume - and there's no age minimum for this one, folks!

All you need is a robe, some comfy slippers, and a few cat plushie toys ... Maybe add some hair rollers for the full effect. 

Need some more costume inspurration? Check out our list of couples costumes ... for you and your cat!  

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