8 Purrfect Couples Costumes For You and Your Cat October 08 2018, 0 Comments

Looking for the purrfect couples costume idea for you and your significant snuggler to wear this Halloween? And if your significant snuggler also happens to be a cat ... Don't worry - we've got you covered. Here are eight of the best couples costume ideas (for you and your cat) that we could gather!  And once you've got the purrfect costumes planned for you and your feline, we have a few tips and tricks to get your cat to actually like wearing their Halloween costume - or at least tolerate it long enough for a cute photo. 

1. For you and your cat that share a loaf like no other.

cat loaf cat bread costumeVia KellyReeves, Twitter



2. Beekeeper and a tiny li'l Bumblebee Bee, a set that is simply as sweet as can be.

cat bee costume

3. Partake in a live-action Pokemon game! Star as Ash and Pikachu, just don't hurl Pokeballs at your cat.

cat couple costume


 4. A Cat Burglar and a Loose Canon Kitty Cop

police cat costume


4. EP - Extra Purrestrial

5. Kitty-Cat Cowboy and his trusty steed: Guy in a slightly unsettling horse mask. 

cowboy cat costume


6. Doctor Adorable and his attending nurse, a couple's costume exclusively for cats.

halloween couple costume cats


7. Pirate Captain Cat and his trusty Parrot, whom he tries really hard not to eat. It's a constant struggle.

pirate cat costume halloween cat costume


8. Mermaid and Sailor, who can be easily lured by the siren's song of tuna treats. 

mermaid cat costume sailor cat costume