7 Cat Parents Who Are Ready for the Back To School Blitz

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As much as parents love their kiddos, there comes a time on every summer break when they are beyond ready to throw in the beach towel and send their kids back to school.

Well, parents, guess what? It's officially August. It's time (yes, finally, thank goodness, praise the kitty gods) for all the little kittens to get out of your house and head back to school. 

These 7 cat parents couldn't be happier.


1. "Please. Please, god, let Kittengarten start again."

"I'll give them a picture of me so they don't get lonely but puh-lease let school start!"

Photo via: Andrea Hayes 



(She needs to check her planner.


3. The face of a Dad who's heard "Let it Go" for the millionth time. 

 He's over it all

(Get it? Over-it-alls?)


4. There isn't enough coffee to fix this level of tired.

Trust us. We've tried.

cat mug cat ear mug cat face mug ceramic cat mug

Photo: Instagram


5. "I can't take any more trips to the playground." 


6. "I can't take any more of this 'Mom is the playground!' business. So much for pillow forts."


7. "I just wanted one minute in my sink alone. Just one minute!"

 Quick! Distract them with a coloring book!

cat coloring book for adults


Are you ready for the back to school blitz? 


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    i love this cats do you have the most expencive cat

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