18 Cat Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire Any Cat Lover October 24 2017, 20 Comments

Cats. Tattoos. Cattoos. 

These cattoos are paws down some of the best tattoo ideas we've seen on the Interwebs. Whether you want to actually get a tattoo or are just browsing, these cat tattoo ideas are sure to please any cat fancy you have. And if you're wary of tattoo regret, these cat tattoo leggings will give you that cat tatt feeling without 


Why, most everyone's mad here.


cheshire cat tattoo wonderland tattoo


cheshire cat tattoo glow in the dark tattoo


I mustache you a question. But I guess I'll shave it for later.


cat mustache





tuxedo cat tattoo


"The Walk." (Wow, JGL looks great.)


best tattoo ideas


The be-all, end-all of head tilts. Everyone else can go home.


cute cat tattoos


The Classique Le Chat Noir.



le chat noir black cat tattoo


"Don't play koi with me." 



watercolor tattoo calico cat art


Yin and Yang; Push and pull; Luna and Artemis.


sailor moon cats yin yang cat shirt


Cats, books; What more do you need? (Maybe a cup of coffee and a rainy day.)


watercolor cat tattoo


It's Art Meowveau, don't you know ~


floral cat tattoo



"For rainbows, remember ROY G BIV."

"K. Who's Roy?"



watercolor tattoo


For when howlin' at the moon just doesn't cut it.


cat moon tattoo


A reminder that you'll always land on your feet. Er, paws.


cat falling tattoo


"Tubbs? Is that you? How'd you get out of my phone?!"


neko atsume tubbs the cat


Who says kids get to have all the fun? 


Mark my words: There's hills in that there cat.


best tattoo ideas


Which one would you get?