20 Times Cats Were Adorable, Lovable Jerks August 27 2021, 3 Comments


Cats bring us so much: unconditional love, joy, laughter, companionship, cuddles, slow blinks, and head bonks. Cats are absolutely wonderful, completely adorable, totally lovable - but they can also be total jerks. Here are 20 times cats were mischievous little rascals. 


1. This cat, who licked the toothbrush.

2. And this cat, who truthfully might have been a little bit justified in his petty revenge. 


3. And this cat, who learned to cheat the system in the worst possible way. 


4. This diabolical feline, who wants you to sleep with one eye open.


5. This unashamed, unabashed corn muffin thief:


6. And this shelf-reorganizer: 


7. This literal sock thief:


8. This kitty, who decided to come home after the lost posters were all printed. (Thank goodness he came home, though!)


9. This diva, who needs to be the center of attention:


10. This selfie-hating kitty:

11. This crafty kitty who clearly doesn't care about the environment:


12. This kitty who interrupted physical therapy:




14. This rebel with claws:


15. This puzzle hater:


16. This kitty, who has tons of cat toys but still steals the kids' toys: 


17. This proud hunter with a sweet tooth:


18. This chaos-lover:

19. This adorable miscreant: 


20. And last but not least, this tuxedoed tortilla terminator: