Cuddly Cats and Their Unusual Barnyard BFFs February 17 2017, 5 Comments


These bucolic buds show us that friends can come in all shapes and sizes.


Meet Morris the Horris, er, I mean, Morris the Horse-Riding Cat!

morris and champy morris the horse riding cat unlikely animal friends


Champy (the horse) doesn’t seem to mind giving his much smaller, fluffier friend a ride, especially when Morris gets those paws a-kneadin' after a long trail ride.

cat and horse friends cat friends with horse unusual cat friendships

The beginning of a beautiful friendship between Jasper the Cat and Orlando the Chicken started when Jasper's became distraught after his longtime chicken pal, Roxy, passed away. It wasn’t long before Orlando snuggled up next to Jasper and the two became fast friends, unlikely though it may seem.

 cat and chicken kitten and chick cat and baby chicken

After a fox killed her chicks, lonely hen Gladys found solace in the friendship of farmhouse cat Snowy, and the two have been inseparable ever since.
cat and chicken friends cat vs chicken
“Everyone needs a friend,” says this horse. “Even if that friend happens to be a very small and strange-looking horse.”
cat and horse friends smol  

Kids these days, am I right?

lion and the lamb cute cat friendships unlikely animal friendships


Rescue buddies Cody the Cat and Iker the Goat cuddle up for some QT quality time.

baby goat cute baby animals cute kittens


The Lion and the Lamb: Born as the sickly runt in a set of triplets, Liab the lamb was not expected to survive. His owners brought him in the house to try and keep him warm, and Sox, their friendly, ginger tomcat, took to the lamb as his own and helped nurse him back to health.

the lion and the lamb lion and lamb unusual animal friends strange animal relationships

"That'll do, Pig. That'll do."

babe cat and pig friends cat loves pigSource


Pig in a blanket, anyone? 

teacup pig piglet tiny pig baby pig


Take it from these unusual animal friends: Love your friends, no matter your differences. Oh, yeah. And give your best friend a hug today! 




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