20 Cats That Don't Know the Meaning of Personal Space March 09 2020, 4 Comments

Every cat owner has experienced it. You wake up to a cat butt in your face or a paw in your eye. Every trip to the bathroom comes with an entourage of kitties. There's no such thing as privacy when you live with a cat.
Some say that cats don't understand the concept of personal space. But our feline friends understand personal space, all right. All space is THEIR space.
And there is no denying it. But woe betide the human who tries to touch even one teeny, tiny toe bean without permission. How dare you not respect a cat's personal space?! 

1. Oh, were you trying to read?

2. But, human, reading doesn't involve me being the center of attention ...

3. Which is completely unacceptable! 

4. This is my favorite part, though, they have TWO breakfasts! 

5. For real, though, pay attention to me. Right meow.

6. I'm sorry I scratched you for no reason yesterday. Let's try 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact to make up.

7. Work? What's that mean?


8. Just pay attention to me! Right meow! 

9. Humans make the comfiest beds.

10. They're soft ...

11. And warm ...

12. Sometimes they're a little loud, though.

13. Speaking of warm beds ...


14. Just keeping it toasty for you, human! 


15. So much warm.

16. Humans do the strangest things!


17. Here, let me help you brush! 

18. Privacy? Never heard of her. 

19. Trust us, we're making your selfie better! 

20. What would humans do without us cats to tell them what to do?