15 Cats Who Refuse To Accept That Their Boxes Are Too Small April 08 2015, 3 Comments

Because if a cat wants to sit, you cannot stop him.

1. " ... I may have gained some weight."


2. "This box is clearly size-ist."


3. "What? It's more comfortable this way!"


4. " ... This really looked bigger from the outside."


5. "That's OK — I didn't even want to fully sit."


6. "I SWEAR this box fit last week!"


7. "Whatever. This box is SO last season anyway."


8. "Ah, perfect ... Dammit."


9. "This box was clearly not made for CATS WITH CURVES."


10. "Mrmff dhhhr frrrff!"


11. "Well ... at least my face fits."




13. "Stop looking at my hiney."


14. "Yep. Can't remember a time when I was comfier than this."


15. "OK, FINE! Maybe it's a LITTLE too small for me."