15 Cats Who Refuse To Accept That Their Boxes Are Too Small

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There is no force on Earth powerful enough to stop a cat from sitting in its chosen cardboard box no matter how big the cat nor how small the box. If they FITS, they SITS! 

1. " ... I may have put on a couple of pounds. So what?"


2. "This is the perfect size, it keeps my nose nice and toasty, too."


3. "What? It's more comfortable this way!"


4. "I'm practicing for fitting under the gap in the bathroom door so you'll never have privacy ever again."


Cat Condo - The Jungle Gym Cat Tree

5. "That's fine. I didn't want to fully sit down, anyway."


6. "This box DEFINITELY fit last week!"


7. "If the box fits...sit in it!"


8. "So close, yet so far..."


9. "Whoever designed this box clearly has something against cats with curves."


10. "What?? It has great orthopedic support, especially for my nose!"


11. "This is how I keep the light out of my eyes, okay! It's called a 'blackout box'."


12. "You thought you could challenge me, human? Ha ha ha!"


13. "I'm starting an OnlyFans called OnlyBox."


14. "This is it. This is ultimate comfort."


15. "Humans entirely underestimate the determination with which cats say, If I fits, I sits."

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  • Lana wood

    Thank you for these photos! Those cats turn my day into sunshine! I love them so!

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