12 Handy-Dandy Skills Every Cat Owner Learns

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Every cat owner is as unique as their cats. And I obviously don't know every cat owner out there. But what I do know is that cat owners have a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long career of cat ownership. Skills that make them a nightmare for "dog people." We're equipped to handle kitty "love bites." We're prepared for late-night, post-litter box zoomies. 

Cats teach us humanfolk how to have a refined, delicate (dare I say picky) palate. 

cat comic gemma correl cat wine cat



Cats teach you how to forgive. 

cat scratch cute love cat



You've accepted the fact that the privy is no longer, er, private. 

cat meme cat bathroom privacy




You know what it is to be "The Chosen One."


"Cat hair, don't care," essentially becomes your life motto.



Cats provide quick and convenient icebreakers. 


ask me about my cats cat office decor cat decor



Cats also provide introverts a reason to actually go to parties. 


cat comic cat meme funny cat introvert cat



You have mastered the ancient art of sitting completely motionless and holding your pee as long as you possibly can because you have been chosen for sits.


Cats grant their owners the ability to see cats in everything. 



You see cats literally everywhere



You also learn to disprove certain bogus conspiracy theories using cat logic.  



You've learned to eat your food like a ninja. (But it's still never quiet enough ... )


cat comic


 [h/t Buzzfeed] 





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