15 Reasons to Be Thankful for your Cat this Thanksgiving


'Tis the season for being thankful! And to all you crazy cat people out there, what more is there to be thankful for than the fluff balls that are nearest and dearest to our hearts? Here are 15 reasons you should give thanks to your cat for allowing you to be their servant - err, I mean, their human.

1. They bring you gifts. 

Okay, so not everyone is so thankful for their cat's hunting abilities. No one wants to wake up to a dead lizard in their shoe. But in our cat's eyes, that dead lizard is a gift. It's a way to take care of the sad, sad human that can't hunt for their own food. And that's something to be thankful for.  

2. They tolerate our insistence on dressing them up like birds.

"Is there no end to this humiliation, hoomin? I better get some turkey after this!" 

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3. They're stress relievers.

Studies have shown that not only do cat purrs heal, but the soothing, rhythmic action of petting a cat can actually trigger the release of endorphins in the human body.


4. They are great bakers!

(Really, I mean it! If you don't mind cat fur in your pie.)


5. They're surprisingly good at sharing. 

In the words of the golden age of Internet memes, "I baked you a pie, but I eated it. And then threw it up so we could share." 



6. Cats teach us to be thankful for the simple things in life. 

Appreciate the little things in life: like the cardboard box the really expensive cat present came in. 



7. They also teach us to do our best and just bee ourselves. 

Even if being yourself is a little awkward. 

bee cat costume meowingtons halloween cat

8. They make the best faces.

9. Seriously. The best. 

10. Even their grumpy faces are completely adorable and will always brighten your day.

Via Merlinragdoll, Instagram

11. At the end of a long day, you know your cat will always be there. 

12. Plus, they give you someone to drink wine with!

Seriously - you can share wine with your cat, with a glass of Pinot Meow Cat Wine - a catnip-infused, non-alchoholic beverage for your kitty to enjoy! 

13. They make you more responsible.

14. And if it weren't for your kitty shedding everywhere, you wouldn't clean as much.

15. But perhaps the most important reason to be thankful, they provide you with unconditional love. 


16. Because at the end of the day, simply having a cat to love is reason enough to be thankful.

Via Peachfold, Instagram


Now go hug your kitty! 


  • Shakira abulaleem

    I LOVE CATS 😻😺😸😽😼🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • Jill Vigliotti

    I love my cats and they are too purrfect!

  • Ann

    I 💙💜❤💚💛🙀😻😸😽😼😿😹😺❤💜💙💚

  • Emilia Birtch

    Got to love those fur babies! They’re just so beautiful and real characters,they make my day!💜😺😼😻😽😿😾🙀

  • Kathleen Kirsch

    Yes, our 5 fulfil all of the above!

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