15 Examples of Cats Being Completely Wholesome


Cats are often negatively stereotyped by self-proclaimed "not really cat people" as being aloof, uncaring, and un-affectionate. Cat owners know that this bad rap that cats get isn't true at all. Sure, it's fun to joke around as cat owners that cats see us as their butlers or "staff" who don't care about anyone but themselves. After all, cats were once worshipped as godlike figures in ancient Egypt - and they seem to know it!

But we're here today to prove to those "not a cat person" people that cats can be just as warm and affectionate as dogs in a series of adorable photos and videos. 

1. This kitty, who makes an ideal nanny:  

Via u/TroubadourJane, Reddit


2. And this li'l fella, who just wanted to give his dolphin friend a kiss:


3. And when this best fluffy friend stayed up to wait for her owner to return home safely: 

Via u/Classicbottle93, reddit.com


4. And when this cat lent his old friend a helping hand:

u.BlueandDog, via reddit.com


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5. When this cat gave loyal dogs a run for their money:

Via u/EricPro21 via reddit.com

6. This cat, who helped his owner herd some uncooperative pups:


Cat shepherds uncooperative dogs in to house. from r/AnimalsBeingBros




7. And this kitty, who wanted to share the warmth:

Via broufx, via reddit.com

8. And these kitties, who ALSO wanted to share the warmth for a not-so-furry friend:

Via titankingz / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9. And this brave kitty who helped her canine friend face his fears:

monkeyCmonkeyDoo630 / Reddit / Via reddit.com


10. And when this kitter gave her friend a big push:

Orange_Jacket, aia reddit.com


11. And this caring son who held his mom's potato chip for her: 

Via chlobrecita, Twitter


12. And this kitty, who just wanted to wear a rainbow:

13. These two best buds:


Best buds from r/AnimalsBeingBros




14. And this cat, who helped his owner out:


Walked in this morning to my cat helping my brother watch Netflix from r/AnimalsBeingBros




15. And last but not least, this cat comforting his beagle sister:


She lost her beagle brother a few months ago. Her cat brother takes care of her. from r/AnimalsBeingBros


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