15 Cats Who Think They're People

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So, cats are weird. No surprise there. From sitting like a very hairy human being to pretending to drive a car (and even use a toilet), these 15 cats clearly think they've jumped the line in evolution. They think they're people! 

1. "Look, Ma! I look just like a people!"

AtomicDuck3 / Via imgur.com


2. "I have no idea what I'm doing. But I look great doing it."



3. Two questions: Why? How

nozaki/Instagram / Via instagram.com


4. "Sit down, human. We need to talk about The Red Dot."

Via reddit


5. This cat forgot how to cat. 

6. This cat, on the other hand, has life figured out.  

cats doing human things

7. "Ever heard of knocking?!"

Photo: mreggsthecat


8. If this couch potato sits any longer he'll start putting down roots. 

Twitter: @ChrisGreen_96


9. "We don't NEED to ask for directions, Susan."


10. He's mastered the "post-work beer nap" pose. 



11. "Does this angle make my double chins look ok?"


12. "Someone has to keep this house clean!"


13. "Meow here often?"

14. "Alas, poor Yorick!" 


15. "Had my bedtime story, meow I'm ready for bed." 


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