14 Purrfect Cat Puns To Send Your Pun-Loving Valentine February 14 2022, 4 Comments

Cat got your tongue this Valentine’s Day? We're here to lend a paw! Here are 14 pawsitively purrfect puns to pen for your Valentine!

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“I loaf you, meow and forever.”



“I’m definitely feline a reaction between you and I."


“A cuddle a day keeps the vet away.”

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“I think you're one cool cat.”

cat puns funny cat puns

"My love for you can't be contained! *scatters litter everywhere*"


“I think you’re really fly.”

vintage valentines day cards vintage cats

“Meow + You = Together Furever.”


“Pardner, this card ain’t big enough … to hold all my love!”

funny valentines day cards cat puns

“Meow you doin’?” 


It kind of rolls off the tongue.

“I’m just a hunk, a hunk of purring love!”


"It'd be nothing short of the APURRcolypse! 


“Can I call you my Valentine?”  



This one really has some $ubtle $ubtext.



“I need you like a cat needs claws!” (Don’t declaw your kitties, folks!)

Well, there you have it, folks! We hope you found at least one Valentine's Day card to send to your Valentine. Happy Meowlentine's -- I mean Valentine's Day!