14 Gift Ideas for an Unfurrgettable Valentine’s Day


Guaranteed to get your Valentine feelin’ smitten as a kitten.

Make this a purrfect Valentine’s Day with a gift your boo will never forget! For a couple whose love for each other is rivaled only by the love for their cat, these fine feline gifts will have you both feelin’ fine.

(Psst - order meow to receive in time for Valentine's Day!)

1. Get her that diamond (cat ears) ring she’s always wanted.


2. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all, but her cats are too; these diamond-studded cat earrings are the best of both worlds.


diamond cat earrings


3. If your Valentine's got a more classic cat lady vibe, the Pearl Cat Earrings are right up her alley. 

pearl cat earrings valentines day pearl earrings cat lovers


4. This Cat Couple Necklace is a tale of two kitties: two tails, two hearts, but one love. Give your valentine the gift of these love-smitten kittens, together forever with their tails and hearts entwined.

cat couple necklace silver cat necklace



5. We all know our cats have got us wrapped around their fingers - it's about time we wrapped them around ours! The Spiral Cat Ring is the purrfect choice for a certain cat-obsessed significant other in your life. 

Via @ohsofiesty


6. Write your special someone a few “Open When” letters this Valentine’s Day with these cute Valentine’s cards, left blank on the inside for you to pen your true love a sonnet or two.

funny valentines day cards valentines day cat cards cat pun cards


7. Surprise your Valentine (or should we say meowlentine) with our Cat Love T-Shirt! Because all we need is love - and cats! 


8. For the cat parents who have a sense of humor about their status as cat parents; the purrfect gift for a couple who can laugh together. The World's Okayest Cat Mom Mug - and we've got one for Cat Dads, too! 


9. Mornings can be rough, even on Valentine’s Day. Help your boo start the morning off on the right paw with this Cat Face Mug. Bonus: Anytime they sip coffee or tea from this adorable mug, they’ll be thinking of you with a warm smile. Because coffee. (And love, too, I guess. But mostly coffee.)

cat face mug glass coffee cat mug


10. Does your significant snuggler always have chilly toe beans? Choose from our selection of comfy, cuddly kitty socks that’ll make your cuddling oh so purrfectly toasty.

winking cat liner socks


11. Give your feline-loving valentine this warm, cozy pillow to snuggle up to and read their favorite novel this Valentine’s Day! (Note: the super-soft pillow insert is sold as a separate item.)

12. With the matching Paws and Ears Cat Bracelet & Ring Set, you and your best bud (soul mates should be bffs, after all) can incorporate the matching cat rings and bracelets into your totally rad secret handshake! 


13.  Of course, if your partner is a cat lover, you have to include the cat in the gift exchange! Fill up your kitty's cup with a bit of Pinot Meow - catnip infused wine for cats! And what better holiday to treat your divine feline to a tasty vino? 


14. You know what's more fun than a romantic dinner? A romantic brunch! These Brunch Buddies Catnip Toys will keep your kitty company - while you and your significant snuggler enjoy your day together. 






  • Debbie Fiore

    Lol, I never realized how much I have accumulated from your store till now! I have 20 items! Good job, love it- only wish Cat Crown ring came in other sized than 8! I have it but it fits no where!

  • Aruna Veni

    Hi there,
    I really love the items in the article! I am thinking about buying a cat wine for my Sphynx cat Shini. She deserves a little fun time I suppose ;-). I was suprised that one of the items you are talking about here I also found on https://www.kittysensations.com/ . Are you both working together? I really like these diamond earrings and I think they are beautiful so I was curious.
    All the best and tiny paw!

  • Rita

    Do you have any calico items

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