14 Cats Who Are Pretty Sure They're Gonna Melt In This Summer Heat

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Summer is here, and these kitties can't wait for it to end. I know, I know. They, like man of us, were initially so excited for the opportunity to break out their new summer outfits, and they'd been working so hard on getting their summer bods ready for the beach. But it's just too hot. It's so hot, these cats have gone completely horizontal on any cool surface just to try to escape the heat! They've figuratively started melting, folks. 

1. Cats all over the nation are affected by these crazy summer heat waves.


2. Entire families have gone catatonic. 

3. Even the biggest of big cats can't take the heat.

4. Seriously. It's a scorcher. 

5. Even indoor cats can't handle it. 

6. "Crank up the AC, human! I don't care about climate change!" 

7. Cats are turning back into their liquid state.


8. There are cat puddles everywhere! 


9. When you're an adult and the only option to cool down is a kiddie pool ...

Melting cat.

10. Sometimes all that helps is taking catnap to escape the heat. 

Melting cat.

11. But then the bed gets too hot and you have to crawl out like a slug. 

11. Or you have to dangle your paws to keep cool, giving the monster under the cat bed free access to your toe beans. 

12. But at this point, it's so hot that you don't really care. 

13. Go ahead, monsters, grab a toe bean ... 

14. But, please, just let summer be over already! 



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  • Gail Jackson

    Cats are such a joy! Thank you for the hysterical photos!

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