13 Black Cats To Bring You Good Luck on Friday the 13th


If you're superstitious or even just a little stitious, you probably know by now that black cats are a bit like Taylor Swift: they've got a reputation. And unfortunately for black cats, that (undeserved) reputation often precedes them. As the old saying goes, "It's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path!" And on Friday the 13th, the hype around black cats and their not-so-sterling reputation only intensifies. 

But you know, black cats are just like any other cat.  

1. They're completely adorable. 

Photo: Instagram



2.  Black cats can blep with the best of 'em. 


3. They also mlem quite well. 

4. They are low-key obsessed with boxes. 


5. Like, really obsessed. 

6. They have a never-ending hunger for treats. 



7. They are there to lend a helping paw. Maybe. If they're not busy.


8. They use the litter box like any normal cat does, too.


9. They take great photos ...


10. Really, really great photos.



11. They change colors in the sun!


12. They've got the purrfect smiles. 


13. And they've got the best dance moves.


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  • Dana Linker

    These cats are priceless. I’m part of an unexpected cat clan… we have adopted 6 cats—strays of course. I’m an artist willing to paint/draw pet portraits in a heartbeat - and humans if desired. Any portrait of any creature – I will do. If you fealining you would like an original watercolor, prismacolor, pencil, - even crayons portraits!—drop a line. We can talk more!


  • Donna L Amick

    I love this page?

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