12 Ridiculously Large-and-In-Charge House Cats


Part of what makes cats so irresistibly adorable is how small they are; their tiny noses, their tiny toe beans, their tiny little chiclet teeth. But there are some house cats out there who maintain that cute tiny kitty quality, minus the tiny. These cats are large and in charge, in some cases rivaling small dogs in size - and strength. Needless to say, these felines are large and in charge and quite a handful!  


MAXIMUM FLUFF ACHIEVED. Have you ever seen a calico cat so FLUFFY?

Photo: Imgur


The Fox And The ... Cat? 

Photo: dailymail.co.uk

Talk about having your hands full.  

Photo: Instagram


Big cat or tiny chair? 

Photo: Imgur


I'd be smiling like that if I got to hold what pretty much amounts to a lion. 

Image: Reddit


When all other cat beds are too small, you settle for the human. 

Photo: Instagram


This fella's got a mane to match that regal disposition. 


 "Zahzu demands to be carried, peasant. You will serve the will of Zahzu."

Image: Reddit


This boy's so big he needs his own backpack. 


Too much cat, not enough hands! 


Do you even lift, bro?


It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it - like helping your younger sibling get stuff off the top shelf.

Photo: Instagram






  • Mo Bila

    I can’t even imagine. Those big guys would certainly rule the house. Yikes. Beautiful but way too big for me. Can you even imagine the cat hair and the size of those fur balls they would cough up?.

  • Sandra Stanley

    I want so very bad. I would love him/her to the ends of the earth!

  • Janet coplea

    Omg!! Those cats are huge. Precious but huge.

  • London

    Awww this is so cute and so funny I love it ?

  • Angie

    LOVE the kitties!!!

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