11 Reasons to Be Thankful For Black Cats on National Black Cat Day


Black cats are magical. 

Photo: Batbearcat / Nickyandroes


They are fantastic, amazing creatures that don't get nearly as much love as they deserve. Surrounded and often shrouded in myth and superstition, black cats are often the black sheep of the adoption world; they are among the least likely cats to be adopted. But today is National Black Cat Day - and that means it's time to celebrate what makes black cats so magical and, simply put, amazing. 


1. They come in Luxury and Sports models. 


2. Having a black cat is like having a mini Toothless in your house ...

 3. Or a tiny house panther ...


4. Perhaps even a BatCat.  


5. When you own a fluffy black cat, it's like being in a Studio Ghibli movie, 24/7.


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6. Black cats can teach you how to win at being the "underdog."


7. They're excellent reading buddies and always keep track of what page you're on.


8. They're masters of palindromes.

9. When covered in white fluff, they look like tiny sheep.


10. But they don't need accessories to be completely adorable.

11. After all, black never goes out of style. 


So if you're thankful for your black cat, remember to give them a hug today! Or treat them to a new toy or treat, just for being the amazing felines they are. And remember if you see a black cat today - stop and give it a pet! But don't keep it too long, it probably has important cat business to attend. And the next time you're looking to let a new cat into your heart, consider a black cat! 

Why are you thankful for your black cat? Let us know in the comments! 


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  • Carolee Leaman

    We have had three black fur babies in our lives. The first one we had from the day he was born. He was absolutely beautiful and a total lover of any type of animal, but especially birds. One year when he was allowed to go outside, he found a nest with three unhatched eggs in it. The parent of the eggs was nowhere to be found, he sat on those eggs until they hatched and could be taken care of by someone. The other two were just as wonderful and loving, rescued from people who should never have been pet owners to begin with. After getting them use to the meaning of love and eating and sleeping in and on beds, they showed me that they too had hearts as big as Rocky’s. They have all passed of old age (aged 17, 19, 20) my heart and soul went with them. God bless all black cats and their families!!

  • Jami Keen

    I found my 1st black kitten by the book store in the rain and he had no teeth and barely had his eyes open . I took him home named him Ziggy because he had zig zags in his beautiful green eyes he was the best cat ever he brought me small things I needed, he would play fetch, her would sit on my lap when I was crying, he would do whatever I told him to do!!!! He has my heart! Then I got another black cat named him minnow fish he also was amazing like ziggy! Then I rescued a 3rd black cat and named him Romeo and as he grew from a tiny kitten to a 15lb baby I call him my baby bear, he looks like a bear cub ! He is amazing as well very loving I kiss 💋 him on the lips ! Black cats rule!!!!

  • Christine

    I’ve had a few black cats in my life. They’re so friendly & just as adorable as any other color cat! I have one now named “Spookie” along with his sister Spunkie “ & my other cat “Julius”. I love all cats!! The color doesn’t matter! I wish I could adopt them all!!

  • Nancy

    I love my oscar!Hes all black.Hes almost 14.l got him at 3 mos.Hes clever,very smart,totally understands what l say…hes my joy n comfort.Has been very flexible n moves w me 4 times!He goes outside but l watch him.Hes a good hunter,kindness a gentleman cat!Hes the 3rd black cat lve had.And l think that black cats are very very smart!I highly recommend one!

  • Paula Jennings

    My black cat was my first ever cat. She had to have a back leg amputated when she was very young. Even only having 3 legs she gets around quite well just not up on high places. She greets me at the door nearly every time I arrive home. She sits with me to comfort me when I am sick or depressed. She turned 4 years on 9/25 and she will be with me 4 years on Nov 11 (Veterans Day – her name is Lt. Danielle after Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump.)

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