10 Weird Cats That Actually Love the Water

What are some of the top stereotypes surrounding cats? Cats and dogs will never get along, cats are aloof and don't like people, cats are secretly plotting to take over the world ... And oh, yes, cats hate water. Well, we're here to tell you that #NotAllCats hate water. In fact, some breeds of cat are known for enjoying going for a swim and actively seek water out, like Bengals and Maine Coons. Still not convinced? Here are ten cats who don't mind dipping a toe bean into the water now and again! 


1. Just look at Thula the therapy cat, who takes baths with her human, Iris Grace, who has autism.

Iris doesn't like water, so Thula makes her feel comfortable and safe enough for bathtime! 


 2. Or this guy, who may or may not be in ninja training. 


3. Or this kitty, who knows how to make his own purr-sonal waterpark.   


 4. Or Nathan the Beach Cat, who's basically a purrmaid. 


 5. Or this furry ferry who's all about that bubble bath life.  



6. And this fluff who knows that when life gives you puddles, you jump in!  


 7. And this guy, who wants the perfect temp for his after-work bath. 


 8. Or these kitties, who know how to conserve water.  


 9. And this brave kitty, who is just dipping a toe bean to test the temperature, first! 

A little slice of paradise 💦

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 10. Or this hairless wonder who knows the benefits of a good soak.  


Does your cat like the water, or hate it? Let us know in the comments below!



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