10 Ways To Cover Your Home In Cats

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Cats make everything better: even interior decorating. Cats have already dominated the Internet (and our hearts), so why not our homes?  And, hey, just because we have cat hair on nearly every porous surface of our home doesn't mean it still can't look fabulous! 

1. Whether you're gettin' knitty with it or gettin' kitty with it, this Yarn Kitty pillow cover will keep you company. 

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2. Custom Print Pet Pillow

Whether you're looking for a birthday present for your significant snuggler or you want to have a keepsake of your furry family member forever, you can capture your pet's likeness on any of our custom items!

3. DIY Latch Hook Rug Kit

Get ready for an adorable blast from the past! This DIY Latch Hook Cat Rug Kit comes fully equipped with all the tools and materials needed to complete your very own adorable Cat Rug! 

4. More Naps Blanket

Because naps are LIFE. Take more naps and snuggle up with this vegan Sherpa fleece-lined blanket.

5. Professor Shanks is a brassy feline inventor with a knack for fashion (and lasers.) He also looks great on the settee.  

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6. Hiku Cat Tissue Dispenser

Bless you!  Sneezing has never felt more adorable. 

7. What's a chateau without the chat? Toss a Le Chat Pillow or the mysterious Mr. Kitster on your couch for the purr-fect feline accent. 


8. Milton the Cat Plushie

A cat plush and pillow in one, Milton is the ultimate cuddle companion! 


9. You can never have too many coffee mugs, especially when you need a prop for that purr-fect #aesthetic photoshoot! Or just a cup of tea. 

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10. Toilet Lid Cat Decal

This vinyl cat decal the purr-fect way to add a bit of levity to your everyday life - purrfect for 

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    It’s a great idea! Very cute!

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